Edge Issue 193: Heavy Rain

Fans of Heavy Rain will love this month's Edge magazine, with a massive feature on the game. Fans of PixelJunk Eden won't love this month's Edge, however, scoring it a 7/10 (which does appear to be something of a trend).

Elsewhere, the arcade version of Street Fighter IV gets a 9, but there's not really much for PS3 fans to get their teeth into apart from the lead article and a couple of reviews. Regardless, here's the rest of the scores: (after jump)

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kingOVsticks3764d ago

they were harsh on too human...only gave it a 6 :(

but the siren and quest for booty got pretty good scores 8/10 and Street Fighter IV got a 9....I guess Chun li's manly hands prove me wrong

barom3764d ago

Edge is a bunch of weirdos. Sometimes I wonder if they just do a "/random 10" or something. I mean come on they gave Halo 3 a 10/10 and then they went on to give Gears of War an 8/10. That's bullcrap in my opinion.