Nintendo's Mario RPG Problem

This article explains how a lack of an interesting story or characters handicapped Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, and why a good story is so important to RPGs as a genre.

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PhoenixUp863d ago

If this is about Paper Jam, then shouldn't that be reflected in the title? Saying Mario RPG problem is too broad a statement.

SactoGamer863d ago

I think it's about the Mario RPG series as a whole.

KentBenMei863d ago

Half of them suck. Only SMRPG, Paper Mario, TTYD, and Mario & Luigi: SSS are good. The rest are trash, and SPM isn't even an RPG.

So no, it is not too broad a statement.

TheSoundDefense863d ago

Don't forget Bowser's Inside Story, that's one of my favorite Nintendo games.

wheresmymonkey863d ago

If it's about the whole series then the guy is waaay off base. The MArio RPGs are some of the most entertaining games I've ever played, especially from a writing perspective.

Even Paper Jam has its moments, the stuff with the two peaches bemoaning getting kidnapped again was great. Actually the series portrayal of Princess peach on the whole has been fantastic.

TheSoundDefense863d ago (Edited 863d ago )

It's about the whole series starting with Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Specifically it's in reference to Miyamoto's demand that the game severely minimize its story and not include any new characters, a demand that seems to have expanded to most Mario RPGs since then.

KentBenMei862d ago (Edited 862d ago )

Miyamoto is like a genius and retard did the fusion dance. The man has shown sheer brilliance but also absolute autism, I'm not sure what to think of him except that someone needs to keep him on a leash and just cherry pick his good ideas and sit him in the corner when he pukes up s*** like "less story and characters in RPGs."