Blizzard: WoW success makes StarCraft MMO 'difficult'

Videogamer writes: "The success of World of Warcraft has made it "difficult" for Blizzard to embark on a StarCraft MMO, the developer has said.

Speaking to at Games Convention in Leipzig, executive vice president of product development and Blizzard co-founder Frank Pearce said that while upcoming RTS Starcraft 2 isn't the last we've seen of the franchise, a StarCraft MMO is an "overwhelming" and "scary" thought."

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Megaton3766d ago

In all honesty, a Starcraft MMO doesn't sound too great. Starcraft II is my #1 anticipated title of all platforms right now, but the thought of it going MMO just doesn't do much for me, especially with Blizzard's monthly fee setup on WoW.

Chuck Norris3766d ago

I'd actually like to see what Blizzard can do with a StarCraft themed MMO especially if they would incorporate the vehicles. Goliaths and wraiths would be freaking awesome.

Sangria3766d ago

I think WoW is like the Wii. They benefit each other of a huge hype (deserved or not) that makes very difficult the entrance on the market of similar products. Just like a 360-mote or a PS3-mote, a MMO has a potential high risk of failure because of WoW.

CommonSense3766d ago

I don't think we'd see a StarCraft MMO any time soon. probably 3 years down the line if one were even in the works. so the competition from wow just won't be there. not only that, but most ppl i know prefer the starcraft universe to the warcraft universe.

i'm just not sure how they'd do classes. they'd probably have to do something completely different than spell casters and rock paper scissors. i'd like to see a real time style game, with FPS elements and everything else.

GametimeUK3766d ago

to see a starcraft mmo... i havent played any starcraft games but the art direction looks fantastic especially if combined with an mmo... DO IT!

but wow is an awesome game

Fux4Bux3765d ago

Only problem is coming up with a concept that works right. Try and make it like an RTS or what? Best as a traditional mmo would be start as a base terran/zerg/toss then eventually get vehicles and space craft.

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