Quantum Break Xbox One Issues

GamingSofar: This guide will help you to troubleshoot the major and minor issues of Quantum Break Xbox One version. There are some technical problems such as installation issues, cloud save problem, DVD installation and others included.

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PhoenixUp984d ago

DVD installation? Xbox One games come on the Blu-Ray format.

CoNn3r_B984d ago

Well it was submitted by someone called "Stupid" that's not exactly reassuring.

christocolus984d ago (Edited 984d ago )

Lmao XD. That was funny. It seems the author lifted most of those issues directly from an online game manual. These are basic troubleshooting tips on Xbox One. Lol. After reading the title I actually thought QB had some major issues on Xbox One.

“Quantum Break – Game Disc DVD isn’t

If you’re having a problem with a single disc but other discs are working fine, try these workarounds.

1. Ensure the disc is clean and not defective
2. Try playing the disc on another Xbox One console
3. Make sure the Blu-ray player app has installed
4. Make sure your DVD or Blu-ray Disc is from the same region where you purchased your console
5. Replace the game – If none of the previous solutions fixed the problem and you still can’t play a particular disc, go to Xbox One game disc exchange to learn how to replace a Microsoft game. For non-Microsoft games, contact the game’s publisher about their game disc replacement policy.

“Quantum Break – How do I sync my saved
games to the cloud?

Your saved games are automatically stored in the cloud while you’re connected to Xbox Live. You don’t have to select cloud storage. If you sign in to a different Xbox One console, your saves will be recovered and accessible from that console as soon as you sign in with your Xbox Live profile.”

For real? These are the issues?


Lol. It's amazing.

glassgannon909984d ago


wow lol, to think people make real money from jobs like these.

FullmetalRoyale983d ago

They call me.... Stupid. Lol

Neonridr984d ago

major issues??? Pretty sure the troubleshooting guide could be substituted for any game out there currently.

littlezizu984d ago

But there are some major game breaking glitches in the game.
Here is a one I encountered

I like story alot but these glitches here and there annoys me alot.

Neonridr984d ago

is yours widespread? Or was it an isolated incident?

Division has tons of glitches too.

KiwiViper85983d ago (Edited 983d ago )

What was the solution, just out of curiosity?

Did restart from checkpoint work?

littlezizu983d ago

solution in video itself.

1. Delete the game.
2. reinstall it will work.

littlezizu984d ago

Don't know if widespread as got solution from 3 guys who also had same problem.

Every game has glitches including division but glitches that stops your progression are annoying ones.
This is 1st of two such glitches i encountered where need to kill every enemy but couldn't kill.

Neonridr984d ago

yeah, it's very frustrating when you come across stuff like that. Hopefully it all gets sorted out for you.

Adexus984d ago

Graphically it's a bit of a mess, the resolution isn't too bad even at 720p 4xMSAA and their techniques to improve the image quality further but it's the screen tearing, texture pop in (sometimes they don't load in at all), severe ghosting and terrible motion blur that really puts a damper on the whole experience.

Even with all that it can, at times, look quite nice.

gamer7804983d ago

The game looks great to me. Sure a softer look but the lighting and other effects I say it was a good choice. Looks very cinematic.

AizenSosuke984d ago

Hopefully this is not true because I was playing game and enjoying it .