RPS Impressions: Warhammer Online Beta

RockPaperShotgun writes:

"We're not going to call this a Verdict (apart from all the times we called it a Verdict while we were arranging it). WAR isn't released yet, there'll likely be a fair few changes in the final game, and none of us have played enough of it to make a really definite judgement. Apart from Jim, who knows full well he won't be playing it until they put some spaceships in.

That said, we've been on the WAR closed beta for a few weeks now, and it's certainly a game we've desperately wanted to talk about here. And not simply because we're British, hence playing Warhammer is fairly synonymous with puberty for us. Also because, well, it's potentially the most interesting MMO this year. Despite… ah, but we're getting ahead of ourselves. Let's see what we've got to say…"

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