Too Human game/achievements guide

Msxbox-World has released a game guide for the recently released Too Human, if you are stuck looking for wells or need achievement advice then this is a good place to look.

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HighDefinition3739d ago


I haven`t played it yet.

ShadesMoolah3739d ago

There's an achievement associated with activating all wells (teleports to another realm called cyberspace). Cyberspace also contains other goodies as well.

10YearFlop3739d ago

wow even the achievement guide is a flop

ps3killin3603739d ago

360bot will be unlocking will be as follower.
1.achievements unlock 30pts for buying flop human.
2.achievements unlock 20pts for playing flop human while log on to live, showing your friend you don't care about review.
3.achievements unlock 50pts for playing all 70 crap hour of flop human without you 360 RROD on you.

this are only a few of the many great achievements you will be unlock of flop human as a 360bot so have fun and good gaming.


u are my game slaves3739d ago

y would pple even bother to do this on a game like this!!!

morganfell3739d ago

I like the one achievement that pops up as soon as you insert the game the first time:

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: Cranial Rectal Inversion - Successfully shoved your own head up your rear in order to buy this ridiculous game.

TheColbertinator3739d ago

Whatever happened to that guy Green?

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