Direct-feed FFXIII, Versus XIII and Agito XIII images

Famitsu has released direct-feed screenshots of the new Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII shots they featured in Famitsu PS3 Vol. XIII DKS3713 EX. Report.

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Tacki3763d ago

I've seen these pictures before but these seem to be a better quality. Wow, both titles are just looking amazing. And I like how even though they may both look like a Final Fantasy game... the art styles are quite a bit different. It's niiiice!

n4gzz3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I know its FF series game and I will get lot of heat for this but Graphically, FF didn't impress me. Characters have no facial detail. They are just plain simple. I am sure game will be good but its just not next gen graphics (may be in future). They can pull so much on killzone 2, graphic and from every other aspects. I can't believe FF is also releasing on same platform and its RPG and it looks like this. Even, Oblivion looked better than this.
edit: I just compared these screenshots with FF10 and FF10 does look as good as these screenshots if not better.

JoySticksFTW3763d ago

You get no heat from me. Although I will say that for FF (or rpg's for that matter), it is the story that matters to me, with gameplay coming in second place.

I love great graphics and everything, but FFVI with the SNES graphics is my favorite RPG...

Crazy villain, Great heroes, Gameplay variation (One character even used StreetFighter II - style joy stick motions to fire off special attacks)... If FFXIII and its off-shoots have cool stuff like that going on... Insta-win!!

osamaq3763d ago

@n4gzz and @joystickFTW,

What are u talking about ?!!!!!!!, the graphics look amazing , even with little facial expressions some games have good facial expressions but the rest of the graphics are suck , final fantasy will have very detailed world + good lighting and shadow and i think open world with large draw distance , so what r u talking about , GTA 4 have facial expressions but the graphics look like crab

sumfood4u3763d ago

I am going to be on these games more than my GF, lol just kiddin well sorta! This Games are the Best an Makes me very happy to be a Final Fantasy Fan 4~life!

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Draperc3763d ago

I was hoping for something new, but it's better than nothing.

TheColbertinator3763d ago

The Agito XIII pics are'nt old.Usually websites only cober the PS3 versions of Fabulla Nova Crystallis

TheColbertinator3763d ago

The Agito XIII pics look cool.

AngryXbot3763d ago

Its character models dont even look twice as good as VERSUS 13.

And the environments wtf.

If it didnt said FF13, you would think it was last remnant or infinite discovery.

360 man3763d ago

@ angryxbot

u must be blind they both look the same just different characters

THC CELL3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

ff13 vs ff13vs

Vs looks a lot better

even tho they are shown on the ps3
Both of them

TheColbertinator3763d ago

@The Cell

Oh I understand.You think Versus XIII looks better than FFXIII.Maybe you prefer it because of character design and moodier environments.So yes I suppose the PS3 version of Final Fantasy Versus XIII looks better than the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIII.Make sense?

theKiller3763d ago

how much they will degrade it for the 360 version?? if not then it will be sad that they help some power of the ps3 just because of 360 since ps3 is capable of much better graphics than 360!

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Mc Fadge3763d ago

They're small, and we've already seen them :<

Mc Fadge3763d ago

They're high definition and completely new, happy now?

slave2Dcontroller3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

I'm really starting to favor Versus' darker style of character designs and visuals. Not enough has been shown of either to make a gameplay comparison. I prefer turn based over action RPG's so I'm guessing FF13s' game play will appeal to me more but it really doesnt matter, I'm getting both XD

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