Retro Review: The 3rd Birthday

Bagogames takes a look at the 3rd installment of Square-Enix's Parasite Eve series.

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persona4chie595d ago

I loved the 3rd birthday. I'd love an HD remake vita or ps4. I'd just like more parasite eve in general

ThatGuyArtie595d ago

Have you played it on Vita as it is? It's brilliant once you remap controls.

persona4chie595d ago

I've been wanting to for the longest, but haven't yet. I originally owned the umd instead of digital. But remapping and ACTUAL camera controls must be great

bouzebbal595d ago

I loved the graphics and the character design in this game. It's a good TPS but it doesn't come close to the first 2 episodes.
I hope this series isn't dead. Aya is in FF7 remake trailer.

ThatGuyArtie595d ago (Edited 595d ago )

Great article! I love The 3rd Birthday. That is a game that truly EXCELS on the Vita. Remapping the controls and bilinear filtering had it playing like a console "3rd" (ahem...) person shooter.

DivineAssault 595d ago

I never played this one.. I love parasite eve 1 & 2 but never got around to this..