My Valid Complaints About Too Human

Shaun Hatton writes:

"A lot of reviewers tend to focus on the negative and look for flaws when reviewing albums, movies, and video games. That's part of their job. And since it's their job, reviewing can get a little tedious at times and therefore things that might not be as annoying to some people will be more annoying to reviewers."

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Hydrolex3737d ago

leave it alone biatches ! IT just sucks and you cannot do anything about it

10YearFlop3737d ago

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA Too Human is Diarrhea,enjoy it Xbots

KBDuB3736d ago

It's nice to know that you actually played the game to come to that conclusion.. -.-

@10yearflop - Oh, I am enjoying it, thanks. =)
Oh, and what does your name mean? Are you 10 years old? Cause that would make sense, since your a failure. Or, are you referring to Sony's 10 year plan? Since, that's going to be a failure, as well. =)

10YearFlop3737d ago

the conclusion still stands that too human is the flop of the decade

King Me3737d ago

Honestly? 4.2/10,nothing more nothing less.I honestly tried to like it,but the game was just...ugh,how do you explain garbage???

If you want my Gamertag,give me your Sister's Phone number first.

10YearFlop3737d ago

lol so its a flop then,good

VigorousApathy3737d ago

I don't have a sister. Can I give you my mom's phone number instead?

Droid3736d ago

Of course it's a FLOP. You're used to playing God of War.

Anyone who plays God of War will not like TOO FLOPman. A buddy of mine on live has never played God of War, and yet he loves too flopman. go figure. also, he has a ps3 but says mgs4 sucks and wont buy it. he's a n00b.

KBDuB3736d ago

I'm sure you just got done.. So, the dude with the eye piece, what's his name?

XxZxX3734d ago (Edited 3734d ago )

I played the demo, it sucked so hard that your sister actually came twice. Of course she likes it.

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Rock Bottom3737d ago

Some people liked it, some didn't. Those who try forcing their opinions on others are just as much fanboys as the so called haters.

Fade_Walker3737d ago

That's about right, I'm enjoying the game very much. Sure it's not everyones cup of tea. If you don't like it that's ok.

All I know is that it will help kill some time till Fable 2, Fallout 3, Far Cry 2 and all that good stuff.

When Too Human 2 comes I will be ready for it's 2018...

ChrisGTR13737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

ive been playing too human now for 13 hours total and i dunno but i think its getting a bit repedative. all you do is kill robots for hours and hours , its like it never ends. the only time you take a break is when you finish the level and you go back to aesier. each level takes like 3 hours of basically grinding. coop was fun though and the loot is hella awesome, i have this lvl 19 orange armor set that looks EXACTLY like the MGS1 ninja outfit. im still wearing it and im lvl 30 now lol. not exactly the best armor though. but im keeping it in the inventory for the whole game.
it looks exactly like this>>>>

Fade_Walker3737d ago

Well they did do the remake of MGS1 for Gamecube.

KBDuB3736d ago

Too Human is repetitive.. So? did you ever play Diablo?

That's one reason it's not everyone's "Cup of Tea."

TheDude2dot03736d ago

Why is everyone still talking about it? The game sucks. Get over it.

Focus on something else now.

Seriously, those reviews were the only hot news for two days. I want to learn NEWS, not REVIEWS.

KBDuB3735d ago

I disagree that Too Human sucks. I rather enjoy the game. It's even more fun with a friend playin along.

Sure, the game has it's problems, but the game is fun. Isn't that the main priority of a game, to be fun?

Stop paying SO much attention to what reviewers say. Their job is to find the pros and cons. To many reviewers play the games LOOKING for problems, and not just playing the game..

TheDude2dot03734d ago


I played the game. I hate it. That's all I need to know. And this is coming from someone who loves SW:KotoR, Kingdom Hearts, FF, and a bunch of RPGS.

The game is just not that good nothing else to it.

You can love it and play it all you want, but I think it sucked.

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Polluted3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

I like how this is called "My *Valid* Complaints About Too Human".

Like anything this guy says is completely valid, but all those other reviewers just don't know what they're talking about. Sure...

Edit: At least he wasn't being completely serious.

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