The Next Level: The Conduit Preview

Though you won't currently find it on High Voltage's site, that company's baby is an upcoming first-person shooter called The Conduit. Everyone who anticipated a flood of first-person shooters on the Nintendo Wii needs to be excited about this one, particularly if they've come from a background in PC shooters. You won't be using WASD to control things here, but the developers are aiming to do the next best thing, and they're right on target.

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10YearFlop3683d ago

yes this game looks better than most 360 games

TheColbertinator3683d ago

Hahahaha You and Zerodin really know the "hijacking thread game" pretty well.

Zerodin3683d ago

Which means it looks worlds better then PS3 games.
And the only 10 year flop I see is the PS3.

TheColbertinator3683d ago

Hmm...I'll leave you two alone

TheColbertinator3683d ago

I can't wait to get The Conduit on the Wii.Even if it is average,I wan't some hardcore games for the Wii.

jacen10003683d ago

cant wait for this, online mutiplayer and hopefully they have voice chat which has been talked about in the past, this has great potencial gameplay vids look sweet aswell . LOOK'N FORWARD