Why Mega Man Legends 2 on PSN is a HUGE Deal

Mega Man Legends 2 finally comes to PSN as a PSOne Classic. I'm here to tell you why that's actually a big deal.

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PhoenixUp540d ago

Although this is great, I hope Capcom will add Mega Man X8 to the NA PSN. They we'd have all the classic Mega Man games on PlayStation platforms worth playing on PSN.

ThatGuyArtie539d ago

Mega Man X8, PS2 on PS4! Absolutely FANTASTIC idea. I can't wait for more PS2 games to get added to the PS4 library. Added trophies rock, and playing PS2 games on remote-play with Vita is so excessively dope. I play GTA - San Andreas on Vita, baby!

Skate-AK539d ago

I agree. This is huge. It might be one of the most requested PS One Classics since Suikoden II.

miyamoto539d ago

Loved this game so much!

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Kyosuke_Sanada539d ago

Now we need Einhander.......

nosferatuzodd539d ago

Damn you know about eihander lol
Only best of the best hard core players know about that game man I love it hard. Has hell
But fun

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