More discussion of Monster Hunter 3 on Wii, Dead Rising over Lost Planet, surprises for Chop Till You Drop

Capcom's Christian Svensson has given gaming fans a slight update on Monster Hunter 3 and Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop for Wii. Svensson isn't willing to talk about localization for Monster Hunter 3, but has given further details as to why the game moved from the PS3 to Nintendo's console. "I can't discuss the localization issues at this time. As for the decision to bring it to the Wii, I think there were many. I think it's fair to say that CJ wanted to bring one of its premier franchises (possibly THE premier franchise when you look at the Japanese market) to the broader audience that the Wii represents. At least, that's one of many variables that pushed it in that direction..."

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MrWonderful3761d ago

i would love for them 2 do a ps3 version of monster hunter 3! it mould move alot of hardware in japan and they could do so much more with the game then they could do on the wii.

TheColbertinator3761d ago

To be honest with you I had hoped that Monster Hunter 3 would be on 360 and PS3.That way Monster Hunter could get major attention from American and European gamers.It would benefit Capcom and gamers for Monster Hunter to be played online on Live/PSN with consoles that use hard drives and headsets.If Capcom is worried about spending too much,they should take a look at May-July Japan NPD and see what Monster Hunter does to their wallets.

ChickeyCantor3761d ago

That's true, however you can't go over your budget.
If you are out of money there is a chance they have to screw it up to make the deadline or cancel the whole project.

TheColbertinator3761d ago


Glad to see a Nintendo guy on N4G as usual.I suppose your right.Monster Hunter can't be too costly or else the project might come to a standstill if it takes up too much resources.Anyway I'm glad to see Wii getting some Capcom properties like Dead Rising so lets see how things turns out.

soul899er3761d ago

hey Steven dont worry, Capcom already said that the US is getting our own version of Monster Hunter, idk know what it is yet but we'll have to wait and see, im hoping it Frontier xD

ThanatosDMC3761d ago

I hope it's not a dumbed down version. Like Freedom 2 was compared to Portable 2.

English Patch 2.4 for MHP2G at least made it "playable".

Kami3761d ago

i would be happy if they port the wii ersion to the ps3.

SixTwoTwo3761d ago

Steve I wouldn't worry too much. Although PS360 won't be getting Monster Hunter 3, Capcom knows how successful the franchise is in Japan and you can bet they are over there right now trying to figure out how to duplicate that success in other markets. I'm sure we will get our own Monster Hunter spinoff title for our PS360's.

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Zerodin3761d ago

Wii pisses in the eye of PS3tards everywhere.

nieto3761d ago

and why the Wii can't piss in the eyes of a bot? i mean at least the Wii it's like a cousin of the ps3, both are japanese. but the X360? that's just a bad piece of american hardware that could go RRoD in any moment.

oh yeah because you made the error of buying one. i'm a stupid xbot. ;-)
the PS3 it's ouselling the X360 everywhere and the Wii too.

BrotherNick3761d ago (Edited 3761d ago )

I would like it to go multi platform...Monster hunter should be enjoyed by everyone. Even though I have a wii.

Stryfeno13761d ago

Monster Hunter 3 is going to a killing on the Wii in Japan.

kesvalk3761d ago

capcom made a lot of mistakes in the end of last generation and killed some of their most important franshises (megaman zx, devilmay cry 3)

i think they really got a little short on cash, this would explain megaman 9 and the Wii monster hunter... not that i don't like it, i want the two games as soon as possible...

i think that if they get some cash from their new releases, they will surely do a PS3 release of monster hunter (dunno about Xbox)

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