Edge: Mirror's Edge Leipzig Hands-On

The world of 3D computer graphics started with wireframes so it's perhaps fitting that straight edges are the fundamental form that underpins Mirrors Edge's function; a game with the ambition to take the first person perspective beyond its current deep rut of shooterdom. What's also striking about the experience - at least, as experienced in the PlayStation 3 demo available at the Leipzig Games Convention - is the way extreme texture and color play into the delineation of environment.

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reincarnated3737d ago

its only a demo and there already making it sound bad GIVE IT A CHANCE!!

Bombibomb3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

Edge complains about everything and their reviews hardly make any sense.

Mirror's Edge looks amazing.

I wonder if they could even fit all those textures on a single DVD without making it look worse than the PS3 version?

I thought it was running on PC hardware all this time but then I found out that the PS3 is lead platform for it and we've seen nothing but footage from the PS3 version so far. There's even a rumor going around saying that it'll be PS3 exclusive for a few months.

thebudgetgamer3737d ago

but it seems linear as heck i guess i will cross my finger and hope for the best

n4gzz3737d ago

well, Its new concept, at least for me. we will see.

Bombibomb3737d ago

No but all the footage you've seen so far is from the PS3 version (the PS3 is lead platform for Mirror's Edge) and some German website is saying that David Reeves told them Mirror's Edge will be PS3 exclusive for like 2 months.

Mao3737d ago

has trouble handling innovation. Let's not mention all of the awards the game took home from E3 but rather complain about the new angle the developer is taking on a first-person experience. Skimming though, I can once again tell that EDGE is ready to unjustifiably thrash a very good game. They've done it so many times before in the past only to praise garbage. EDGE stands as one of the most questionable, controversy-driven gaming media sources available.

meepmoopmeep3737d ago

i'm looking at this game with optimism. i hope they can pull off the FPS platforming. i really like the vibrant colors of the game as well.

Darkiewonder3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

but it's not really an FPS though.

it's more of a game to test your ability to react to the environment and the people there.

Bombibomb3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

It's not a First Person Shooter if you don't have to shoot, now is it? ;) It's more of a First Person Action / Platformer game.

You could beat Mirror's Edge without firing a single bullet, according to DICE.

meepmoopmeep3737d ago

my bad, what i meant was First Person perspective :P

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The story is too old to be commented.