PSP World: Buzz! PSP Review

PSP World writes: "The Buzz! trivia series was a huge hit on the PS2 and created as much of a stir in the gaming community as the board game Trivial Pursuit did way back in the 1980s. There's absolutely nothing original about quiz titles but the average gamer's fascination with all things trivial means that a ready made audience is always available. Clearly the drawbacks of converting any Playstation title to a handheld format means compromises have to be made and, while games like Killzone have wisely changed genre during their transition to the PSP, the nature of Buzz! means that the PS2 game has remained mostly intact. The key factor though is whether it's still as much fun to play as the more grown up versions on the consoles. So, is it?"

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clinker3763d ago

Meh, looks OK I guess. I would rather go down tot he pub and play trivia with real people though.

Cajun Chicken3763d ago

I just realised what the PSP 3000s built microphone is also for; PSP Singstar?
^ Seriously; Is that really a good idea?

I never got the thing with Buzz.

zo6_lover273763d ago


A lot better than I expected