Peter More Doesn't Like The Idea of Suing Consumers Over File Sharing

President of EA Sports, Peter Moore has spoken out against the illegal activity of file sharing but doesn't feel the need to 'punish' the consumer saying:

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CrippleH3765d ago

Peter Moore is right on the money on that statement.

He has been cooler ever since he switched to EA Sports.

Pebz3765d ago

It's good PR if anything.

mfwahwah3764d ago

I disagree with Moore. These people are criminals / thieves. They're no different than a shop lifter. Well, the only difference is anonymity if anything.

These people do not respect the gaming industry, so why should anybody respect them? Treat them just like what they are, don't baby them because they're you're "consumers" (which if they really were, they'd BUY THE GAME).