Prince of Persia Trophy Confusion

PS3Trophies: "On Wednesday we reported that Prince of Persia will NOT be receiving trophies when it hits at the end of the year and we were fairly sure that we could not misconstrue the situation.

We asked Ubi's community development manager, Chris Easton whether the "title would support trophies" and the answer was a short, sharp "no". Meanwhile, Prince of Persia level designer, Michael MacIntyre told Eurogamer that the title would infact support trophies.

At the moment the situation seems a little cloudy to say the least, but we will be sure to get to the bottom of this next week and update you".

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Bombibomb3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

I think I remember reading somewhere that the PS3 is lead platform for Prince of Persia. I forgot where but I'm pretty sure. They might have trophies in POP.

Why doesn't Sony just make them mandatory?

Cwalat3735d ago

so that comfirms that it will have trophies?

i mean come on...
is it really that hard to implement it ??

now that it's out there i think every single game should implement it before release...

Yoma3735d ago

If you dig for info from the creator of Uncharted, naughty dog told it was not hard to make it. Strange developers are to lazy to boost the sell of their own games

Yoma3735d ago

"Sitting down with Travis McIntosh, our Lead Programmer, I learned that implementing Trophies in Uncharted was a relatively simple task because we had to medal reward system to leverage. He said that since we had medals built into the existing game, the programming team could just tie the existing 47 medals into the Trophy award requirements. Choosing 47 medals during our initial development worked better than imagined because the 47 Trophies, with the appropriate point values for Bronze, Silver and Gold Trophies, perfectly equaled the maximum number of trophies that can be awarded."

Devil may cry someone?


NO_PUDding3735d ago

I trust the Developer over the Publisher PR man.

He's surely the one that ahs to deal with the situation, and it is indeed leading on the PS3, so no doubt it will have trophies.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3735d ago

The trophies are mandatory it's just that if a game is too far in development they won't implement it. When a company starts a new game the trophies will be in it for sure. Sony added trophy support a little late so while developers were making games they added trophies. It's just common sense, you'd figure it was more common though.

GrieverSoul3735d ago

I cant believe that they wont support this feature after its been released for so long!
This is called ´´LAZY DEVELOPERS``.

mfwahwah3735d ago

You nailed it. I just want to add that it's not THAT simple to put trophies into a game. You have to make the code for them, then spend MORE time testing them than making them. That time can be a while, depending on policy and whatnot, so many developers (probably) just don't have the time to add them with their schedule and resources.

In the near future though, trophies will appear everywhere, just don't worry about them now (WORRY ABOUT MGS4 THOUGH, THAT'S NECESSARY...) :P

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tonytouchx3735d ago

nah i doubt it its that hard,but then again who knows!?

Cwalat3735d ago

yeah.. comon, i mean if we think of the development schedule then implementing trophies is a drop in the ocean so why not ?

tonytouchx3735d ago

yeah true that game doenst even come out yet,so i dont see a problem why not

tonytouchx3735d ago

man all i know is to many good games coming out and im going to be

10YearFlop3735d ago

This game will most likely be another Ps3 exclusive

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