Sega responds to MadWorld controversy.

Symbiote Studios writes: "Sega have spoken out about the recent concerns the public has over the violent content in the upcoming Wii release MadWorld admitting that the game is violent and they're working with ratings board to ensure its release"

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kazuma3765d ago

pay no attention to those hippies sega! can't wait for madworld, bring it!

Harry1903765d ago

Scryed isn't it? Nice anime.

Controversy,controversy...yea h...controversy. The game looks great,who cares about the violence anymore? It is highly stylized. They have double standards. I have also seen much worse than Mad World.

kazuma3765d ago

yeah, it is from scryed, ur not the first to notice =D

TheDeadMetalhead3765d ago


ChickeyCantor3765d ago

People don't read the's sad =(...j/k none of us does XD
But i said the same before. I think Nintendo should promote the parental lock more so parents wouldn't be so freaking ignorant about all this stuff.

TheDeadMetalhead3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I didn't even read the Manual! All you have to do is search around the Options section for 2 minutes!

Hell, if you're setting up a Wi-Fi connection or setting the Sensor Bar Sensitivity, then you're likely to find it anyway!

WTF is wrong with people!? It amazes me how stupid and ignorant people can be sometimes.

*shakes head*

G4S3OU53765d ago

I doubt the grannies and girlfriends will buy this game...

eagles19903765d ago

And yet, If this game was only on the PS3 or 360, there would be no controversy

TheDeadMetalhead3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

There's a double-standard for the Wii due to the misconception that it's a Kids' System. And that's crap!! >_<

I mean, good god. What's gonna happen when Fatal Frame 4 comes? Riots? Death Threats?

I mean, it's the people that are the problem. Not the game. If they would take time to actually PUT THE PARENTAL LOCK on the Wii. Or better yet, actually RAISE THEIR CHILDREN, then they wouldn't have to be so worried about it, now would they?

@ Fantasy Star

I meant that the misconception was crap! Not the system! Was I REALLY that unclear about what I meant? *sigh*

FantasyStar3765d ago

The "kids' system" is very much a misconception. The crap part, however isn't that far off. With every game dropped onto the Wii, with every article speculating more and more intently about the Wii 2; the crap part becomes a reality.

IWentBrokeForGaming3765d ago

to add this to my wii library!

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