GamingShogun Reviews Too Human

GamingShogun writes, "...The talented guys at Silicon Knights are not a bunch of nuggets. They and their QA people (if there were any) should have noticed these glaring issues. Instead, we are treated to what is one of the most annoying games you will have played in the last five years. Its not only annoying because of its flaws, but because as a veteran gamer I can see what this game SHOULD have been. Silicon Knights completely dropped the ball on this one. Too Human is one of those titles which should be a balls to bone cash cow. You can see some of the genius underneath the wonky elements but it just doesn't shine through. I believe Too Human will go down in gaming history as one of the worst disappointments since Daikatana."

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JelalTrueshot3769d ago

Soooo bad Bombibomb. Every so often you find yourself having a good time, but it just reminds you of what the whole game should have been. I had a lot of expectations for this one.

AngryXbot3769d ago

Too - late, nothing can save this - human.

TheHater3769d ago

I download the demo, and I really don't like this game. But if people like it, then there isn't anything we can do about it. Many people like games we (majority) don't like. This was a game I was very interested in back in 1999, but over time I drifted away from this game. I hope the developer well and hope the improve on all the bad from this game and make the second game the best it can be

TOSgamer3769d ago

Go buy Marvel Alliance for $10 or $15 or wait for Marvel Alliance 2. It is head and shoulders above this game in just about every aspect.

QuizPyro3769d ago

Never heard about this website I've seen Too Humor(the suckish makes me laugh)reviews but another low score lolz they should have origanlly stayed on the ps1 as it would have been a better realease on tha ps1

Shadow Man3769d ago

Can people please let this game R.I.P.

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The story is too old to be commented.