How Will the Hardcore Gamer Respond to Avatars on Xbox 360?

Lets first start by defining the Hardcore gamer if you will, this is the gamer that is uninterested in Wii Sports and Wii Fit and would rather play Gears, Metal Gear and Final Fantasy. The hardcore gamer keeps diligent track of what titles are being released and is very informed on all aspects of video games, so they do not need assistance at Best Buy to choose their games or consoles, unless they are locked behind a gate of some kind.

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taz80803765d ago

I think this will be cute for a bit and then people will ultimately get tired of it.

xhi43765d ago

see the point.

instead of 'avatars', they should figure out something revolutionary.

This is just a straight copy of Nintendo's Mii

I think they should come up with something like Home

this is, no offence and honestly just really lame

its like a 'look at me dress up my avatar, look at my avatar's new haircut, geez how kool am I'. Whilst Home, instead of making a doll like creature ur actually creating a realistic avatar and interacting in an online world with other people, play pool etc. and then go straight into a game seamlessly and more. That's what MSoft need to do!

nirwanda3764d ago

It depends on how they do it, if you unlock new stuff with achievements that are related to the game you are playing and give it an mass effect/spore like editor where you can pretty much create a caricature of anyone then maybe it will take off but I can see it pi$$ing off a few people.

The gameshow's will defiantly be successful though there a great idea.

taz80803765d ago

Miis were awesome but never really caught on since they arent really incorporated into many games anyway, avatars will suffer the same fate.

TheHater3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

I have to agree. Unless MS have some way to incorporate Avarts into their games, then I don't see hardcore gamers getting into this. But the Movie part, where other gamers on your buddy list can view your movie when you invite them is cool. But that also in HOME. My clan Already have Movie night on HOME when it comes out, and we are pretty Hardcore. So I don't see why Hardcore Gamers can't have Movie night when it comes to Avatar.

Pebz3765d ago

Or at least incorporate the games into Avatars; like having certain achievements unlock costumes from the game for your Avatar.

TheHater3765d ago

i have to agree with ^^Pebz. if achievement unlocking certain thing for your avatars, then I see the hardcore gamers flocking to avatar

CreativeDestruction3764d ago

That feature (unlocking things for avatar in-game) has already been pretty well confirmed.

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Shadow Man3765d ago

My focus is on Gears2, Fable2, Infinitive Undiscovery, and GHWT!

xhi43765d ago

im looking forward to gears its gonnna be unbelievable! I can't wait to get ma mate n play through it co-op again and again and again.

I'm a little pissed off that Infinite Undiscovery is on two discs though.

but yeah gears will be awesomee

also looking forward to LBP, thats gonna be one mutha of a game!

boodybandit3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

The avatars do nothing for me at all. I am really looking forward to Gears 2 but I know nothing about Fable (story line, what to do, etc) or most other RPGs. I have played an RPG an 10 years. I am more action oriented.

I get frustrated with go to this tavern in the village and find a man named *****. He will tell you how to find a woman named *****. Who will then lead you to ....

By the time I make it to the woman I want too shoot or hack someone! ;) I wish I could get into games like Fable because from what I saw of the E3 videos it looks like an exceptional title.

Arsenic133765d ago

If developers award clothing or little bonuses for your Avatar like when u unlock an achievement, then maybe it'll be a little entertaining. But if nothing ever uses them, then they will become a failure.

xhi43765d ago

what, like you can in Home?

couldn't resist =D

The Lazy One3765d ago

The xbl Primetime features use it, and they're opening support for xbla games.

I could go either way tbh. I think they could have used the money better, but I'm not going to not use the feature if it's there.

FCOLitsjustagame3765d ago

I respond with a big ol' "meh, whatever" and I go on playing my video games.

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