GC08: Street Fighter IV (360)

Gamersyde are getting ready for the long drive back to Paris, but still found some time to upload this nice Street Fighter IV video (running on 360). Such a great game!

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BubblesDAVERAGE3740d ago

They have the worst controller for fighting games...

mboojigga3740d ago

Which is why we have the option to buy the arcade stick.

Bombibomb3740d ago

I prefer a DPAD... The PS3 DPAD to be more exact.

boodybandit3740d ago

no need to use a arcade stick anymore since arcades don't exist in my area any more. There is no one to go whoop on. It's a shame the new design for the 360 controller didn't receive a new D pad instead of just elevating it and making it more responsive.

I will most likely pick it up for the PS3 because of the D pad.

boodybandit3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

I wonder what model tv that is because I am in the market for a new set and I would avoid that one like the plague.

The game itself looks great.
I wonder if SFIV will launch in Japan first or if it will be released in all regions at the same time?

Death24943739d ago

But where on the site does it say that this is running off of the 360 hardware? The guy who posted this article has it in parentheses that it's running off of the 360. Now am i not mistaken but Microsoft didn't even show up at the conference. But then again Capcom has been using the 360 as it's lead console. Okay nevermind i think i just answered my own question.