Could Microsoft Be Planning A Surprise At PAX?

Endsights writes:

"Does Microsoft have a surprise up their sleeve at the Penny Arcade Expo? Over at the Gamerscore Blog (Xbox PR team's website) they have released the following schedule for their PAX showings. Mysteriously, a "TBA" showing is slotted for Saturday and Sunday."

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Johnny Cullen3741d ago

Exactly what I was thinking.

But I doubt it tbh.

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joemayo763741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

although i am looking forward to more gears 2 news, i don't think this is the rght place for it. It's bad enough the 3 big studios are gunna be there overshadowing some potential talent of upcoming devs. Why does MSFT have to show potentially big games (ones halo and gears 2) to steal the spotlight from these hard workers :S. I don't think MSFT, Sony, or Ninty should be there to show of their next big blockbusters it just doesn't make sense, its like having a sports competition between kids and 3 professional adult players are entered to compete against them.

Freckler3741d ago

I agree with Joe, a quick Google of PAX shows it to be an indie developers affair. There likely won't be any earth shattering announcements. It's probably Penny Arcade Episode 2.

Wii60Fan3741d ago

Thats what i'm thinking.

IaMs123741d ago

no no please be GoldenEye for Xbox live!

SCThor3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

There is your answer.

Yeah, MS is really smart to release a BIG title in a small-time expo(small compared to e3,tgs or gc) /sarcasm

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Stryfeno13741d ago

MS always have an ace up their sleeve.

Greysturm3741d ago

People/Fanboys always suppose microsoft/sony has an ace up its sleeve at every gameshow. Last year all we heard after some dissapointing showings was microsoft had an ace up its sleeve and that didnt proove true until e3 in which sony fans started with sony has an ace up its sleeve and now after leipzig since microsoft had zilch to anounce we are back at point 1.

LoVeRSaMa3741d ago


Class m8 =]

Also, Its not gonna be PHAILO 4 [=

Pain3741d ago

It's M$.. only brain dead followers believe M$ invents or innovates.

Silogon3741d ago

"Ms always has an ace up their sleeve"

Or a couple cashier checks.

SpecialSauce3741d ago

MS: today we would like to be announcing something the we believe increases the excitement on xbox console.... something completely unique to the xbox family. i like to introduce "house". house is something we have been working a long time on. house is a 3d interactive environment were u and other gamers can pretend u all own a ps3 and create ur own space which we creatively called ur "house" and then use ur new cartoon looking avatars and then dress them so that they look like cartoon dolls so that u can walk a round ur "house". this is something we believe is very "innovative", whatever that means, and exclusive to the xbox 36o.

thats what MS will have for surprise. enjoy ur knock off sony apps.

princejb1343741d ago

wat could it be probalby "free online play to stay ahead of sony since their catching up so sadid"

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TheHater3741d ago

well we know it not something to do with Halo, because MS said they want to have a special event for Bungie next Halo game. So we can rule out Halo "4"

Johnny Cullen3741d ago

I forgot about that.

Another theory seems to have popped in my mind though.

Would it be the Motion Sensor stuff? Yes, I know its been heard millions of times and maybe MS were gonna unveil it at E3 but dropped it along with Halo and decided to put it in somewhere else to surprise us a little at least.

Freckler3741d ago

Hey you might be onto something there.

Blitzed3740d ago

That doesn't fall in line with it being a show for Indie work, but for 2 days?! It has to be something more Tha Penny Arcade 2.

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