GC'08 Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 Video Presentation

PES 2009's gameplay features explained and detailed.

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Genaral Leo3764d ago

as long as they fix the online portion of the game I'll be happy. Not too sure about the new control system tho. Guess i'll have to wait and see.

Meus Renaissance3764d ago

Still not next-gen. FIFA09 for me

jmcorp3764d ago

this game needs to step into the 21st century, their tech is outdated...and so is it's gameplay.

PES = Arcade

FIFA = Simulation

Baka-akaB3764d ago

Really ? better graphics ≠ better simulation .
Despite it many flaws PES still plays better and is a better simu . At least thus far .

barom3764d ago

lmao Fifa is no where near PES' gameplay. Any real soccer fan would know the difference. Fifa is for those that don't know how to play, the game does a lot of stuff automatically for you. PES, you can actually control almost everything yourself.

All ya who says Fifa is better, better start playing PES before talking more bs. Even with all the last years issues, PES is still light years ahead of Fifa.

jmcorp3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

thats obviously what your ignorance tells you...FIFA is arcade, PES is realistic..

are you sure, your watching the correct PES?

the PES were the players turn as fast as wounded Tigers on Crack?

the same robotic, scripted, need i say last gen PES?

the same PES that chooses the outcome of a match before it even begins...

You still feel FIFA is arcadey, even with its slow considered game pace? well obviously your quite strange...PES players run like Greyhounds. show me the simulation in that...

keep waffling on about how FIFA's gameplay is arcadey, when obviously you can't bring yourselves to play FIFA, due to a life-signing with KONAMI.

whether you like it or not, there will be a king come Oct, and that king will be FIFA 09, get used to it and tear up your F!cking contract with CON-AMI

Genaral Leo3764d ago

I'd still say that Fifa is no fun. Also , Fifa has long been the "arcade" type soccer game more so than PES. I've always been a pes fan.

Harry1903764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

is being demoed using a 360 pad is quite strange. Forgive me,but that's how I roll.

It looks better than last year's offering, but the animations and graphics still have a 'last-gen' feel to them. New engine,come quick.

Fifa 09 will be better.

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