Xbox Backwards Compatibility is on a Roll

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes: "At this point things have been great with backwards compatibility on Xbox One, we've gotten a stack of titles and with this past week things have seemed to explode."

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Bobafret619d ago

Playing through Dark Souls for the first time, glad this was available.

thereapersson619d ago

This is great for gamers; Sony really botched a great opportunity to include this feature.

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hells_supernova619d ago

Sony fan here and I completely agree. It is a shame the ps3 architecture was a pain.

I can understand charging for the PS2 games since they have trophies etc but if you could pop in a ps2 disk that would also be nice. Although I would buy the trophy version where possible.

I hope going forward since Sony has been smart with their design that going forward all games will be backwards compatible

sammarshall102619d ago

Yeah you can never have too many games

I'm loving BC I get to play games that I missed out on last gen and play classics that I loved

Fin_The_Human619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

I am sure some people don't care about BC but for people like me who no longer own a last gen console but still have a collection of games this is More than welcomed.

Tsunade619d ago

Doesn't seem to be case as it Is not a killer feature and the PlayStation continues to dominate the market.

mkis007619d ago

I tried it out on my One, but wasn't impressed with the performance so I re-bought a 360. Some games run better, but the one game I want added probably wont run better and that is RDR
( may be moot with news of a remaster this year). Better to have all games playable than just the ones MS decides to add...Bioshock needs to happen NOW, soo late.

Bahamut619d ago

The Xbox One is great if you're looking for an Xbox 360.

Jmanzare619d ago

Microsoft doesn't decide what games become BC. If it were up to them all games would be. It's up to the developers to decide if they want their games to be BC.

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jholden3249619d ago

Is Dark Souls on BC now? Not DS2, but the original?

Rookie_Monster619d ago (Edited 619d ago )

Yup, with the new addition of able to buy X360 BC titles directly from the XB1 itself with the upcoming update, the floodgate has opened.

Publishers will see new opportunity to sell their popular old games for new gamers on another platform without doing a thing or spending a dime other than to say yes and let MS does the rest. A win win for publishers, MS, gamers that already have those games, GwG subscribers that are receiving 2 BC per month, new gamers that want to play those old titles that still looks awesome on today's console.

Also, a great incentive to give people a reason to pre order games by including BC titles with newer sequels like say a copy of Red Dead Redemption BC for the rumor RDR sequel later on this year.

So much win for BC.

meatnormous619d ago

It was very smart of them to sell the BC games, Just wish they would bring Ace Combat 6 to BC.

KiwiViper85619d ago

I hope RDR goes BC long before the sequel releases. It can still be included, I just don't want to wait much longer...

Geoff900619d ago

I can't wait to play Red Dead!!

MCTJim619d ago

Im not complaining, its a great feature to have.

Stringerbell619d ago

If they bring BC for OG Xbox games - that would be insane.

Jmanzare619d ago

It would be awesome but the only downside is xbl isn't available on original xbox anymore so it would have to be the single player games that are available.

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