Saints Row 5 Needs to Go Back to its Roots

Has the franchise strayed too far from its roots under Deep Silver’s roof?

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2pacalypsenow964d ago

Saints Row 1 is still my favorite, they got too crazy with 3-4

Hoffmann964d ago

Saints Row 2 FTW

3 and 4 were awesome too but yes I agree that they should backpedal a bit now

ChrisW964d ago

3 was rather enjoyable for me, but not as good as 2.

What disappointed me was when they decided to release an expansion for 3 as a full priced game and called it 4. Yeah, I played 4... It was crazy fun, but after a while I became incredibly numb to the craziness. Towards the end of 4, I just wanted to complete it so that I could simply be done with it. Whereas after completing 1, 2, and 3 I really REALLY wanted more.

AudioEppa964d ago

SR2 <3

But here's the problem. If the developers doesn't want to make the game a lot of us want then..yeah /:

When they reveal Saints Row 5 or if they even do a number, I'll be going in with low expectations. Some people actually like the off the wall comedy style. So will see who the developers cater to this time around.

PhoenixUp964d ago

After seeing the earth get blown up in Saints Row IV and being crowned leader of the galaxy towards the end, I doubt that's even possible at this point.

Honestly I'm glad Saints Row took the direction that it did in later installments. It made it that much more memorable amongst the masse of open world urban games.

Scrivlar964d ago

They needed a gimmick to shrug off the comparisons with GTA because they couldn't match up with Rockstar, so they decided to make it ridiculously OTT and to be honest I hated it. I get that they were trying to say "look how wacky and fun we are with Aliens and Tron levels" but I couldn't help feel that they were trying way too hard and the whole thing felt desperate and stupid, the characters were completely shite. While I'm slagging it off I might as well add I don't think I've played in a more boring open world game than Steelport too.

Loved 1 & 2 though, yeah they were diet GTA's but they were still very good games. Would love to see them go back to that.

TheCommentator963d ago

Saints 1 had the best gameplay, but Saints 2 had the most uniqueness for an open world, turf wars style game. It was the right amount of wacky and serious without all the superhero BS that took the gangbanging out of the franchise.

Kreisen964d ago

Saints Row 2 was awesome. It was sooo cheesy and full of glitches but i still enjoyed it.

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The story is too old to be commented.