Endsights Review: Too Human - "A Fun Game At Its Core"

Endsights writes:

"Too Human has been shrouded with bad press. With gaming forums talking both the game and Denis Dyack down, it could of been easy to put this game off to the side. I went into the game with a lot of negativity, but it quickly flew out the window. Too Human, at its core, is a very fun game. With an interesting story, addicting gameplay, and so much loot to wrap your head around, Too Human is absolutely worth giving a shot."

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dannyhinote_133765d ago

This game has gotten the short end of the stick because Denis Dyack couldn't shut his mouth and let the game speak for itself.

Unfair for the game, but I don't know if it's unfair to Dyack...

Firstkn1ghT3765d ago

Like I said this game is getting a solid 7 all around with respected sites like IGN giving it a 7.8 and Gamepro giving it an 8. It's no AAA but it definitely isn't a Lair or Haze.

dannyhinote_133765d ago

Yeah. I believe a 7 is fair. I don't think the story is really there (dialogue, at times, is laughable)...but I think there are some really pretty graphics to be seen, some solid/fun gameplay and I enjoy the music in the game.

TOO PAWNED3765d ago


You have to understand that 2 human has been in works for 10 years, first version was shown back in 99 during E3. It has received massive hype in last year, 1UP guys made i think 2 1Up shows that included this game, remember extensive previews with Dennis? And both Shane and Garnett were like THIS IS ACTUALLY VERY GOOD blablabla.Once again you have to take into consideration that people waited lmost 10 years for this game and sad part is that game looks like it needed more developing time.... this is why people say that it is a flop like Lair and HAZE.
If you ask me everyone more or less knew since day one that HAZE will suck and that LAIR will be unplayable, message was there for both games, we all saw it coming but 2 human was hyped to be AAA or at least AA and plus waiting factor and hype that lasted in some way for 10 years, well you have to feel disappointed. It is really irrelevant that Too Human might be solid 7 and Lair solid 6, who cares people expected way more, thats what counts.

dannyhinote_133765d ago

Too Human has received no hype. In fact, most industry reviewers (except Shane Bettenhausen) have talked smack about the game since E3 06.

Isaac3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

EGM gave it a 4.2 (check metacritic, the site you love, not N4G's forgiving "6" which is fake). Gamereactor gave it a 4. Gamespot a 5.5. The ones that gave it better scores were either fanboy sites, Xbox sites, or apologists like X-plays pereira. Microsoft stopped hyping the game because they knew it was too horrible to be shown to the public. Dyack was always nervous when they previewed the game with 1up. This game is mediocre at best, just look at the horrible graphics (considering all the fuzz they made about the unreal engine), and the extremely repetitive gameplay where the choices you make actually make no difference.

Hell, look at most of the reviews here at N4G that refused to give a final score... only one out of five of those was positive, the rest were very negative. That should tell you something. This game is not a "solid 7", this is more like a "mediocre 6", the likes of Haze and Lair. Then again, you are right, it is not a Lair or a Haze. Those games had better scores given by EGM, which were C+, unlike Too Bad which got a C-. This game is a much bigger flop since it was hyped as a God of War killer and a Diablo killer, and its existence was known 10 years ago; in fact I was very hyped for this game and thought it was gonna actually topple god of war. Hey, at least it is not as bad as other 360 flops like Bulletwitch, Vampire Rain and Two Worlds. The sad thing is though, it did join the ranks of lair and haze in the fact that all three are the worst games made by their respective developers, Factor 5, Timesplitters and Silicon Knights, all of which had made very groundbreaking games before.

On a more positive note though, I am sure Dyack was too ambitious with this game and that it should have been present on the next Xbox, since this one couldn't handle Dyack's ideas, unless of course, Silicon Knights lacked talent, or time considering they had to rewrite their engine, even though UE worked fine for Gears, Mass Effect and Bioshock. I guess Too Human must be "Too special".

BTW, the first Killzone was rated as a better game according to metacritic. Hell, metacritic is not even completely updated to reflect all the terrible scores, so the difference should be even bigger.

Kyur4ThePain3765d ago

Glad to see you're still judging 360 games by PS3 exclusives.

Calvin_ISA3765d ago (Edited 3765d ago )

"their respective developers, Factor 5, Timesplitters and Silicon Knights"

..You mean Free Radical, righ?

EDIT: I still agreed. In fact, for all that writing, have a bubble. ;)

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