TotalPlayStation: Madden NFL '09 Review

TotalPlayStation writes: "Christmas for sports gamers just happens to occur in the middle of August every year; sure-as-you're-born, the newest installment of the Madden NFL franchise was released to rabid fans waiting in Midnight lines at Wal-Mart and GameStop stores across the country on the August 12th, 2009. After 20 years (Yes. TWENTY.) on the shelves, the Madden NFL games have become a mainstay and best seller on just about every console and handheld device on the market, and for good reason.

Without a doubt the most influential sport-simulation title to ever hit a video screen, the folks over at EA Sports have crafted and molded the Madden NFL franchise into the powerhouse that it is today by creating a second-to-none football experience, deliverable to millions of fans who will never be able step foot on the playing field of an NFL stadium and putting them, as EA Sports so puts it, "In The Game." So how close does the '09 installment come to recreating the real thing? Let's tackle this baby and take a closer look."

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