10 most annoying game protagonists

TVGB: "We all know that games have their fair share of annoying characters. Luckily, these characters usually relegate themselves to the background of the game coming in as either sidekicks or people in need of rescue. It's easy for them to be annoying; they're constantly in another castle or screaming for help or getting in the way when they should be helping. Slippy, Ashley from RE4 and that god damn dog from Duck Hunt come easily to mind. It's almost their job to be annoying, so we here at TVGB are never too surprised when they are. They aren't the main part of the game so it's easy to overlook them."

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Cajun Chicken3736d ago (Edited 3736d ago )

I actually like Master Chief as a character.
But he's the only valid one MS currently have imo.

I hate Marcus Fenix, he just bloody mutters all the time, like a grunting rhino saying: "The RESonATOR",
I don't care if he got shot in the head and died and the game continued with a brand new character.
I have as much emotional attachment for that protagonist as much as I do toilet paper and for a game that camera mainly follows the characters back, that's bad.
Saying that; I don't like Gears or Epic's games as much as a whole this gen.

Cajun Chicken3737d ago

He's there alright, the MGS2 section is referring to him.

uhfrank3736d ago

You go from asking where's Raiden, who was on it, to Ash. Did you even look at it?

InMyOpinion3736d ago

The angel in Too Human who rescues you when you die. Could she please hurry up!?

sumfood4u3736d ago

BTW how do you tell which is number 1 when you do the top ten do you count 1-10 or 10 down to 1? everyone does it diffrent!

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