Left 4 Dead 2 is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility

Left 4 Dead 2 is now available on Xbox One Backward Compatibility.

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aviator189622d ago

Halo Wars + L4D 2 = so much win, imo.
Two of my most favorite games of last gen.

2pacalypsenow622d ago

Hows the community on LFD 2 I haven't played it since the 360 days

Septic622d ago

Not sure but this will help boost it I'm sure.

divinealpha622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

Not even joking I played this game in 201st there's still a bunch playing , and somehow this game still hasn't drop below 20$, but I am downloading as we speak

Majister-Ludi621d ago

Not sure on xbox but it is still booming on pc. One of the best coop shooters of all time. A win for all here. Still to this day the game is hectic and crazy fun.

gangsta_red622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

That is excellent news! I have a few friends who still play this game online.

I am hoping that with this maybe there's a part 3 right around the corner.

Kingdomcome247622d ago

Fingers crossed that Valve has learned their numbers. The word on Reddit currently is that the entirety of Valve's dev teams have been spending their every waking moment focusing on mastering the nuances of counting to three. Here's to hoping that their hard work and dedication has paid off.

Caedus511621d ago

Ha! In all seriousness, can Valve count past 2?

If they learn the magical number 3 let's hope for Portal 3 (and half life 3)

Mikefizzled622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

I heard the alerted horde sound in my head when I read this.

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The story is too old to be commented.