Watch Dogs 2 Features DirectX 12 Support; Will Be Highly Optimized for AMD

Ubisoft has officially confirmed Watch Dogs 2. They also revealed in the same announcement that Watch Dogs 2 would have full DirectX 12 support.

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sammarshall102965d ago

Watch Dogs 2 should be one good looking game

Summons75965d ago

Well let's hope they focus on fixing the gameplay before they focus on visuals or else they are going to have another flop on their hands.

Unreal01965d ago

Lol, Watch Dogs flopped? I remember there being a bit of fuss about a visual downgrade but I'm pretty sure it didn't flop.

This is great news for me as I thoroughly enjoyed Watch Dogs.

freshslicepizza965d ago

watchdogs has a great premise, i expect #2 to be much better than the first.

TwoForce965d ago

Unreal01 Well, I'm enjoyed Watch Dog for sure. But they need to fix the story, gameplay and other stuffs. Because some of them can be force.

georeo965d ago

Watchdogs didn't flop! Sales rise.I enjoyed the game.

OB1Biker965d ago

I found the gameplay was alright even though they should improve it. I think Ubi d better focus on meaningful content (no silly mini games), meaningful story in an immersive setting and that includes yea better graphics. I found the characters very last gen tbh I mainly mean also good animation with believable characters

bloop965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

I didn't think the gameplay was all that bad. Shooting, cover and free running I thought were all very solid but driving was poor and hacking was poorly implemented. The story and boring repetitive side quests were what really let it down. Some side quests like the gang hideouts were really enjoyable but there wasn't enough of them and 90% of the rest of the side quests were filler. Overall I'd probably give it a 7.5, but here's hoping they can pull an AC2 and make the sequel a 9 or 10.

Crazyglues965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

@ Summons75

Watchdogs Flopped...LoL -(exactly how is shipping 9 million copies a flop) -

cbuc1125965d ago

@Summons75....The game sold 9 million copies.

donthate965d ago

What is wrong with Watch Dogs game play?

I thought it was decent.

aconnellan965d ago

"Well let's hope they focus on fixing the gameplay before they focus on visuals"

I hope gameplay is always a priority, but with that attitude I feel like you almost want it to flop. If you remember, Watch Dogs caught considerable flak for not focusing enough on the graphics, hence the 'downgrade' debacle

fr0sty965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

"Highly Optimized for AMD"

One thing I don't miss about being a PC gamer. Having a monster rig and then realizing the publisher struck some backroom deal with a competing hardware manufacturer so that the game won't run as well on my system.

starchild965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Although not perfectly executed I think Watch Dogs was still a good game. If they build from there it could be a truly amazing game.

@ Fr0sty

Except that usually doesn't amount to much difference in actuality. Most of the time the difference is pretty minor.

bouzebbal964d ago (Edited 964d ago )

who cares about DX12 or DX14 if the game is boring and not interesting?

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GHOSTxx420965d ago

Maybe this one will be what the 1st one should have been.

Psychotica965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Well if it's as "boring" as the last few games I will be very happy..

EDIT: Whoops was supposed to be with the next comment. Really need a delete comment option..

Mr_cheese965d ago

That's what happened with assassins creed, the second one always felt like it should have been the first game, it was a much better, varied game.

The visuals out he first where still astonishing, they just didn't expand the gameplay

RedDeadLB965d ago

And boring and will probably run horribly.

The usual Ubisoft formula.

zidane1341965d ago

The division is fun and runs near perfect.

starchild965d ago

You must have a crappy PC. Most Ubisoft games run just fine for me, and many of them are among the best looking games I've played on PC.

RedDeadLB964d ago

Um, no, I don't have a crappy PC (i5 3570k @ 4.2GHz, GTX 970), Ubisoft does crappy PC ports. Their CPU utilization is horrible and the cause for many performance issues across games like Far Cry and Assassin's Creed, even including Watch Dogs.

Niceman91965d ago

Not upon release it won't...

Muzikguy965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

I won't be duped a second time. Ubisoft have shown me how bad they are the entire gen so far. Poor decisions, always online games to hinder graphics, bad plots and characters, amazing reveals to coincide with downgrades....

I just rented RB6 Siege because I had a free rental and wanted so see of it was any good. I'll just say that I'm glad I didn't pay for that. I had more fun with Vegas.

No matter how good this game is Ubisoft won't be getting a purchase from me

ThunderPulse965d ago

Seige was a great multiplayer game imo.

WilliamSheridan965d ago

They did good with The Division...

brokenbracket965d ago

@WilliamSheridan.... they did ok with The Division, but it's currently unplayable by tens of thousands of people because the game automatically crashes when you launch it. I was one of the lucky few who haven't really ran into any game breaking issues. However, the way they're handling hackers right now is unreal. To have paid $100 and the PvP area (Dark Zone) is basically unplayable in the state it's currently in.

zidane1341965d ago

@brokrn bracket: Wtf are you talking about? None of that Is true.

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XanderZane965d ago

It begins. Hope they have something to show at the E3.

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hiredhelp965d ago

Day 1 buy for me my wife

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One-Shot965d ago

Click baity title. We knew this existed so nothing "officially revealed". Only news is it will be using DX12 and be optimized for AMD cards.

Volkama965d ago

Which we also already knew, as Ubisoft and AMD confirmed it in one of the GDC panels.

NerveGearneeded965d ago

most people didnt watch gdc panels

DopeTech964d ago

Now I hope they really deliver on this one, Watch Dogs 1 was a very good game but lacked things that make it a GREAT game or should I say...a 9 out of 10 rating game,.

And that EVIL DOWNGRADE, well, I can't blame them because PS4/XB1 aren't capable of producing those graphics, simple, but I hope they show us something that's on par (or even better) with what was shown at E3 2012 and the PS4 Reveal, that old build felt like something new and felt NEXT-GEN.

E3 2016 HERE WE COME!! Can't FREAKIN wait!!

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chrisx965d ago

Ubisoft, Suprise me and make a very good sequel

Gwiz965d ago

Ubisoft and PC,unfortunately not a good marriage.

Volkama965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

U-Play kinda sucks as a platform, but the PC versions of Ubi games always trump the console versions by some distance. Even the 'broken' ones.

starchild965d ago

Yeah, at least they bother to enhance their PC versions. Unlike a certain Japanese company known for making challenging action RPG games, for example.

starchild965d ago

I don't get this thinking. I've played probably a dozen or more Ubisoft games in the past 5 or 10 years and the vast majority of them have run perfectly fine on my PC. Unity was probably the roughest once at release and even that wasn't too bad, just somewhat glitchy.

Ubisoft does tend to make some of the most graphically advanced games of any 3rd party developer/publisher, so those games therefor justifiably tend to be more demanding to run. But people shouldn't confuse how demanding a game is to run with being poorly optimized.