Turok and Turok 2 Remastered Coming to Xbox One

Night Dive Studios has announced that it'll be bringing Turok Remastered and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remastered to Xbox One, bringing the 1997 dinosaur blasting classic up to date with overhauled visuals and such. Turok Remastered launched on Steam back in December 2015, but is also now in the offing for Xbox One

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KiwiViper85903d ago

Awesome! Played the original on N64

903d ago
3-4-5903d ago

The N64 one is the best IMO because the fog they got rid of on the remasters actually gives it the atmosphere and makes it scarier and creepier when dinosaurs pop out of the fog and you have to react faster.

They got rid of it and with it they got rid of the unknown and scary factory because you can see the dinosaurs coming from further away now.

Still awesome they are releasing them though.

Turok 2 had awesome multiplayer.

Zjet902d ago

Only problem is the N64 versions only support inverted aiming

3-4-5902d ago

I guess it never was a problem for me because I NEED to play FPS games or anything similar inverted.

Ever since Goldeneyee 007 on N64, I HAVE to play inverted.

I understand not liking it though.

gangsta_red903d ago

Aaaaawwwww sh!t!!!

Now this is what I'm talking about! Let's hope they update EVERYTHING for the better.

*watches remastered version from Steam*

On second thought...

KiwiViper85903d ago

Haha, ye that's exactly how I remember the original to be, just with less fog...

TheCommentator903d ago

As long as they kept the cheats I'm good. I loved slow motion and disco mode!

AnotherProGamer902d ago

Look at the System Shock remake gameplay these guys are developing

Sure they will do the same for Turok later on

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ONESHOTV2903d ago

now for a remastered version of the GC one

SolidGear3903d ago

Holy crap.. why not on PlayStation 4? Night Dive is remaking the first two System Shock games, not to mention making a third one and they're all going to be on PS4. Why not this? Just seems odd to me.

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mkis007902d ago (Edited 902d ago )

xbox website

Night Dive Studios
@AlexSGregory @Xbox We're evaluating other platforms but can't confirm at this time.

when asked about playstation versions

Bathyj903d ago (Edited 903d ago )

Nice, let hope they update this with volumetric fog. ;P

Seriously thats pretty cool. The CEREBRAL BORE !! One of my top 3 favourite weapons along with the Laptop Gun from Goldeneye and the Helghast Rifle with Underslung Shotty in Killzone 1. Secondary fire modes FTW.

SolidGear3903d ago

That Cerebral Bore will definitely get the job done :3

TheCommentator903d ago

It's a hit with the zombies.

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