Palmer Luckey Updates On Delivering Backer/Pre-Order Oculus Rifts

Oculus VR's Palmer Luckey has shared a small update on the status of delivering the first batch out of Oculus Rifts.

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Neonridr693d ago

Oh man it's happening. Can't wait to see some unboxing videos. Mine ships in April (hopefully early, not late). Cannot wait to try this thing.

The Great Melon691d ago (Edited 691d ago )

Same here, I just missed the first batch also. I keep holding out on buying a graphics card as long as possible in hopes of hearing news about Pascal or Polaris. My 670 just won't cut it for VR anymore.

Neonridr691d ago

yeah I have a 970 which will be fine for now.

I will upgrade once we see the new cards mid year

traumadisaster691d ago

Have you not trid vr before? Keep you expectations down for the visual fidelity, but let it in run lose for the level of immersion. The immersion is a new experience.

Neonridr691d ago

last time I tried VR was back in the 90s when we had our first taste of VR.

Dactyl Nightmare anyone?


Goldby691d ago

if you want to see a pretty funny unboxing Angry Joe has one where he unboxes it with a pitch black background, litteraly hes explaining it and you cant see the HMD