Critical Hits Episode 1 - Final Fantasy X-2

VR writes: "Welcome to the debut episode of Critical Hits, a spinoff series of Games Witticism where we take an in-depth look at specific games or mechanics and concepts within games. For our first episode, I'm joined by guest co-host Mike to talk about what is arguably one of the weirdest and most fascinating games in Square-Enix's extensive JRPG library: Final Fantasy X-2. We discuss the circumstances that led to its creation, how both FFX games laid the groundwork for Square's current design philosophy, the conflicting narrative elements within X-2 itself, and much more."

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TheLyonKing989d ago

Unpopular opinion but I actually prefer the music in ff x-2 to ff 10.

Zanarkand Ruins being a particular highlight in such a glowing soundtrack. The game is way too easy in my opinion though.

Dasteru987d ago

The combat system in 10-2 is the only part of the game i do not like. It is way too fast and chaotic, you do not have time to plan anything.

TheColbertinator987d ago

Enjoyed X-2. To this day its combat system is among my favorites