Original Snake Voice David Hayter Has No Love For Hideo Kojima

“I was kinda hoping that Konami would take me back now that he was gone.” In a special edition of the Game Informer podcast, actor and screenwriter David Hayter talked about his “humiliating” replacement as Metal Gear’s leading man and how he really feels about the series creator who wanted him gone.

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Kalebninja508d ago

Dude is the definition of butthurt.

letsgopal508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

It's just the way Kotaku written this article. He's not butthurt towards kojima whatsoever

Deadpooled508d ago

Story quality - WTF

Like this website - NO

No idea how or why the rating of kotaku on N4G is n/a. They are the gaming equivalent of the Sun... Um actually I'll give that to Rashid Sayed's Gamingbolt. Kotaku are the gaming equivalent of the Daily Star.

UltraNova507d ago

He shouldn't be Snake and Big Boss are two different people, its only natural Big Boss was voiced by someone else. He's upset because it was a much higher caliber actor that he'll ever be who got the job.

David did his part and when it was time to move on from MGS he simply refused to accept it.

cpayne93508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

To be fair, if you worked with someone for nearly 20 years, doing some of the most highly praised voice work in your field, and then got layed off and replaced with someone else with no warning and no aknowledgement that you ever held that role, wouldn't you be butthurt too?

DDMNeo508d ago

Voice acting is a pretty harsh line of work, as is show business in general. There's also two points you need to understand. First is Hayter was not his first choice. I'm pretty sure from the get go he wan't Kurt Russell. Second is that Big Boss totally should have had a different voice than Solid Snake. I think casting Kiefer Sutherland was his last shot to get a real action star in the series that's based on so many classic action films. I also remember hearing that Hayter wasn't super excited about doing Peace Walker after nearly killing his voice in MGS4. I also think it also kinda helped with MGSV's twist.

I do think Hayter has a right to feel personally upset, but he seems like a real professional. Which is why he never really said anything bad about anyone. I don't know what the whole situation was all these years, so I won't judge too much. I still like Kojima, but I understand he's not perfect. Hell the whole "you will feel ashamed of your words and deeds" hing was pretty dumb, especially since Quiet totally was just fan service. Something I'd be more ok with if it wasn't a few gross things done with her. Though I think questioning and understanding something you love gives you a better understanding, and gets you a better product than just praising something for what it is. That being said I'm excited to see what Kojima has coming next, and I hope Hayter's career continues to be good for him.

Imalwaysright508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

He got paid for his voice acting and was credited for his work in the end credits. He isn't owned anything else after that. Why should he be warned that someone else was hired to voice Snake in MGS5? Why should Kojima or Konami have to report to him?

HaveAsandwich508d ago

i would have had way more to say than he did, thats for sure.

_-EDMIX-_508d ago

I don't understand...

He worked for Kojima not the other way around, it's Kojimas game he is free to add on and take off whomever he pleases it's his work.

Solid Snake is not big boss it should have never been voiced by the same person in the first place Kojima made that mistake with Metal Gear Solid 3 even letting him stay on.

I prefer Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5 having big boss voiced by a different person because big boss is a different person than Solid Snake.

Are we all up in arms that liquid is invoice by him to? Are we all upset that Solidous isn't voiced by him to?

I mean at some point that dude really needs to let it go and stop answering questions regarding this game because at this point his feelings being hurt over being passed over for mgs5 are just making him look and sound like an idiot, move on and continue with your damn life you honestly can't tell me this is destroying you...

I would say over the past two years or so since he's been talking about this I've lost more and more respect for him.

He does not own the IP, he doesn't own the company, he did not create metal gear solid as to why he feels he was owed something is beyond me.

the director direct, the actor acts.

GhostTurtle508d ago


It's called respect...

rainslacker508d ago

He wasn't layer off. Actors are contract employees and unless their contract stipulates it, he had no reason to expect to be able to work with them again.

He was paid and credited for his work, and nowhere was it denied he did the work. Kojima wanted to go a different route, and since its his game and not Hayter's he did.

I can't really recall many respectable actors ever obsessing over being replaced, nor making comments about unprofessional attitudes of the content creators over not being asked back to reprise a role

TheTwelve508d ago

It's business, but I definitely feel for him.

Greyfoxdbz508d ago

Not to mention that he got layed off for an actor who barely says anything throughout the game. He really didn't need to change the voice actor at all really

DangerousDAN508d ago

Not only that, but he was replaced by someone that barely had any lines in the game and surely got paid way more for it. I loved how Sutherland sounded as Snake, but he barely spoke. This all just seemed like a slap in the face to Hayter.

IceKoldKilla508d ago

Read the article. Kotaku. Enough said.

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N4GGuy24508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

Wow look at these despicable hypocrites. All these years praising David Hayter and just for one thing turn against him and throw insults. Such basement dwellers. Stop making Hideo Kojima as some saint. David Hayter not even being considered is a stab in the back even to the fans. The replacement was medicore and not memorable anyways.

These hate comments are not mgs fans just 12yr olds.

DDMNeo508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

I was more ok with it, but I agree. Kojima is no saint, but he's human. Never let your fandom blind you, but understand it's ok not to put something/someone on a petiole.

Seraphim508d ago

I'm no MGS guru but it seems to me Hayter has no case. *Spoiler* There is a replacement Snake in MGSV. The real Snake only makes a brief appearance. Considering how the game plays out it makes perfect sense to me why Hayter was not voicing Snake in MGSV

Dee_91508d ago

yea, im not sure you know what that word hypocrite means.. Unless you're able to go through their history and show where they praised David, you're full of crap.
I'm also not sure if you actually read or skimmed the comments that you are replying to. Because they seem to be pretty indecisive in general to me..

i'm sorry i know you're just talking out the side of your neck and it felt right to make that comment, I do it sometimes too, but your comment is really baseless friend..

raiden11508d ago

Hey Stupiiid! David Hayter is not the face of Metal Gear Solid! Solid Snake is not Big Boss that's a f#cking fact. MGS1(PS1) and MGS2:sons of liberty(PS2) Solid Snake was David Hayter. MGS3:Snake Eater Naked Snake aka Big Boss is not
Solid Snake.

Revolver Ocelot was personal favorite yet his voice changed from Patric Zimmerman to Josh Keaton and now to Troy Baker. I loved the evolution of Ocelot voices throughout different timelines.

David Hayter overplayed a character he was'nt supposed to. MGS4:Guns Of The Patriots playing as old snake(David Hayter) was badly voiced by David Hayter because it did'nt reflect the age of the character of Solid Snake as old. Eva and
Ocelot voice changed to reflect the age of character is a goddamned correct one.

@N4guy24 aka David Hayter/Kojima Hater

Hideo Kojima is writter/director/level designer/
boss battle creator of Metal Gear Solid Franchise. David Hayter is just a voice actor of Solid Snake nothing more.

raiden11508d ago (Edited 508d ago )


Ocelot:"Excellent speech my friend! Gift of the silver tongue. They say it's the mark of a good officer... and of a liar! Americans are too in love with the sound of their own voice to speak the truth!"

raiden11508d ago


"Sutherland better voice actor than Hayter"

True dat. David Hayter aka whiner is becoming

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sanosukegtr123508d ago

If making a metal gear solid game with snake. Should keep the same voice actor. Like mario u cant change his voice.

DDMNeo508d ago

Well technically the two main Snakes are different people, so I think it would have been more reasonable to have them have different voice actors. If Big Boss had someone else voicing him in MGS3 we wouldn't be having this conversation.

kraenk12508d ago

I agree. Especially if it's someone with such a characteristic voice. Just imagine if Geralt's voice would change all of a sudden!

_-EDMIX-_508d ago

The character they're referring to is not snake.....

DOWNeo- 100% correct I'm sorry but even as a massive Metal Gear Solid fan he should have never been voicing big boss in that game in the first place.

Big Boss is not Solid Snake

raiden11508d ago


Venom Snake aka Medic is not Solid Snake. Stop pretending you like Metal Gear Solid Franchise because you dont.

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divinealpha508d ago

Every time you write you just talk out your ass and by the disagrees people are noticing it.

Kalebninja508d ago (Edited 508d ago )

How am I talking out of my ass dipshit? Hayter can't get over that he was recast for a single game and now he's glad Kojima's gone because of that? GTFO, he was replaced with a VA with much more talent than himself and now he's upset at the guy who gave him that big role in the first place. And he's clearly lucky he got to play the role as long as he did since Kojima clearly wanted to replace him before.

_-EDMIX-_508d ago

I gotta agree with kale on this one Sutherland is a stronger actor.

I actually would have preferred if from Metal Gear Solid 3 forward big boss was merely voiced by someone else.

I actually never wanted David Hayter voicing big boss in the first place.

Big Boss is not Solid Snake people

-Foxtrot508d ago

The guy has been Solid Snake for a long time, well over 15 years and yet despite the love for him and the character he plays Kojima wanted to be a douche and try to find a connection to Hollywood, something he's so desperate to have.

Not even a phone call to say "Yeah we don't want you back we're going with someone else", maybe a gift basket or card to say thanks for the hard work. I don't know something show that he gave a crap and thanked him for helping bring Solid Snake to life.

Kojima is not Mr Perfect people think he is, he's a good developer but the way he's went on here he comes off like an ass. Someone who would throw his friend away if it means climbing the social/career ladder.

2cents508d ago

I agree,
Too much blind admiration for this developer IMO.

raiden11508d ago (Edited 508d ago )


Youre so adamant that David Hayter is perfect for role of solid snake yet you dont know Venom Snake is not Solid Snake.

Hey Foxtrot actually play MGS1-MGSV. Hideo Kojima is writter/director/level designer of the game. David Hayter has been dissing Kojima over the past two years non stop.