Left 4 Dead 2 Gets Updated On Xbox One

GS: "Some time ago, Left 4 Dead 2 was listed on the Xbox Live Store for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility. Some users were able to download it through an exploit, which was later patched by Microsoft. However, that did kind of confirm that the game will be released for Xbox One via Backwards Compatibility soon and today, its chances have been increased."

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feedthereaper728d ago

When you consider L4D and L4D2 came out BEFORE the successful hit show The Walking Dead even aired its first season...... and since its success and multiple movies/tv shows featuring Zombies that came off the back of that TV show...... this franchise is DESPERATE for an update!!!!

What I would love to see is a L4D3 that remains faithful to its original gameplay, but has maps several times bigger than the originals and 8-player co-op. Because the 4-player was stunning but I think 8-Player would take it to an entire new level of teamwork, particularly if there are multiple goals in each level that encourages the team of 8 to split up at some points.

I also want there to be more "class" characters a tiny ickle bit like Evolve. Some having more health than others, others being a little faster, some able to carry more ammunition, some able to heal quicker, some that have better power/accuracy with shotguns, others who gain an advantage using assault rifles, etc. Just subtle difference between each character rather than just cosmetic. Nothing too ridiculous, I want them to be able to share weapons and items, but just focus on character differences that would happen in the real world such as skills with weapons, movement, abilities.

Bass_fisherman728d ago

i think the franchise done enough as it is. If they launch a new L4D it will probably be like CS GO which is better looking but same thing as before.

Spatcad728d ago

Uh, no. There's so much more they could do.. quick example:

More randomness in the maps

More types of special and common infected

Different weapons

Extra hazards which need team work to overcome faster

Day/night cycle with random weather

Multiple escape points to stop campers.

If you played the game much you would know there's still a lot more they could do with this game.

NerveGearneeded726d ago

would love a l4d3 but 8 players would be too much unless it was more open world. everyone would be shooting each other in those hallways and small areas as in previous l4d's.

MasterD919728d ago

Can't go back to playing this game on consoles after all the PC mods I've played on already...

Rivitur728d ago

Not exciting news since the community is a toxic cess pool unless you're saying with campaign players. And this is coming from someone who was apart of that cesspool for 5+ years.