GTA: Liberty City Stories Review: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - Ten years represents one-seventh of your life. Think about it: You actually only get seven, maybe eight such stretches and then…


You’re dead. What’s worse over the course of those lengths the people and the world around you change at a maddening pace. It’s bad. But I digress. We’re here, after all, for far less morbid reasons then our mutual and ever-approaching end. Rockstar’s recent release of GTA: Liberty City Stories for iOS and Android is, if not a cause for celebration, then at least a sure fire way to stave off the ever-present notion of impending doom. Released originally—you guessed it—10 years ago for the Play Station Portable, GTA: Liberty City Stories represents some of the finest game design you’ll find in a mobile title, even if the experience is slightly compromised by production values that are slightly dated even for an Android game.

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