Here Are Lots Of WiiU Games (Zelda, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8) Running In CEMU V1.4.0

YouTube’s ‘John GodGames’ has shared some videos, showing a number of WiiU games running in the latest version of CEMU.

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tortri608d ago

Wii U sales are so low people are already considering it retro and emulating it.


MJunior608d ago

This emulator is evolving damn fast.

LOL_WUT608d ago

Yup, the amount of work being done for this emulator is amazing. And yet people will still hate ;)

Ck1x608d ago

Yuk! This emulator managed to make all of those games look so unappealing...
The problem is going from the Wii, Dolphin HD efforts were a big step up. Coming from the WiiU to CEMU, this looks and sounds hideous. Just like the State Farm commercial!

ChickeyCantor608d ago

> And yet people will still hate ;)

What drugs are you on? No one is hating this. You're definitely foxnews material.

BrandanT608d ago

I'll give you that, but looking at he wind waker part; the shaders are so bad compared to the Wii U.

ChickeyCantor608d ago

The shaders are the same. It's the emulator that needs work on processing gpu stuff.

superchiller608d ago

At least some people will be able to try out a few Wii U games without wasting money on the unappealing hardware. I personally wouldn't bother, but it gives others a chance to try out the games.

rjason12608d ago

How you have so many bubbles I'll never know.

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The story is too old to be commented.