Two Worlds III Enters Development, Two Worlds II Gets Major Engine Update & DLC

Reality Pump has announced that the studio have officially begun work on the third part of their hit RPG series, Two Worlds but they were not done with one major announcement, a new engine update and DLC will soon be available for Two Worlds II.

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phantomexe875d ago

Im happy to hear this two world 2 i enjoyed. Be nice too get 3 on the ps4.

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Bigpappy874d ago

I actually enjoyed the first more. But I do hope everyone gets to play it, and that its not only on PS4.

Ocsta875d ago

Two worlds 2 was... fun? Yet SERIOUSLY flawed.

Skate-AK875d ago (Edited 875d ago )

Two Worlds 2 was fun but had a lot of problems. Still managed to get the platinum for it.

I would buy a re-release with the new engine and DLC for a budget price.

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quent874d ago

Past the awkward voice acting and strange animations these game had a lot of charm to them and huge potential, bring on the poop flinging monkeys !

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