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With the release of Doom (May 2016) on the horizon and the recently released Resident Evil Origins Collection, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about game franchises that need some sort of continuity. Whether that need is measured by a long, overdue sequel, or by a much-needed reboot to somewhat forgotten gems. This isn’t really a “Top 10” list, but more of a collection of games that I would like to see awoken from their graves. Please note: I took in consideration games that do not appear to be in talks of having a sequel or reboot.

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jchaplin2965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

What no Onimusha or Turok? Seriously two of my favorite games from yester-year. Can't argue too much with Crash Bandicoot...

slack3r965d ago

You bring up some good points. It's kind of difficult to limit yourself to 10 in this category. Red Dead Redemption comes to mind. So do Shenmue and The Last of Us.

jchaplin2965d ago

It's amazing. Since game developers make so many sequels and reboots, you'd think this list would be a lot smaller. It could go on and on.

I forgot about Heavenly Sword!

PoSTedUP965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

10 isnt enough. redfaction needs to go back to first-person. capcom should stay making remakes for the time being. turok needs a comeback. a freedomfighters sequel would be amazing.
spyro should change back to spyro. we all shouldve been kicking ass and chewing bubble gum.. where the hell is the getaway3? there better be a colonywars for VR. how bout an awesome ninja turtles game? or another scarface. id play the hell out of a new wave race. slant six should make the next socom hhour isnt getting me hyped. age of empires would be nice. has anyone heard from dead2rights or the suffering?? cool boarders or 1080? mentioning COD would be beating a dead horses dead horse. Black was an awesome fps. crazier taxi? nfl blitz? nhl hits n sluggfest? Gun. time crisis, Road Rash, dino crisis, point blank, pilot wings, diddy kong racing would be epic fun. i can take it back too: contra? kid icirus? f****** Mappy?! remember Mappy yo?! comic zone!? toe jam? earth worm jim? god damn throw a dart at this list and make someone happy for god sakes.

Sciurus_vulgaris965d ago

My Personal Picks
Sequels : Conker's bad fur day , Beyond Good and Evil , Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
Reboot:Perfect Dark, Ninja Gaiden, Mechassault

slack3r965d ago

Ninja Gaiden, man that series is hard as hell. Definitely a lot of fun.

I forgot about Perfect Dark! Between that and Goldeneye were my favorite FPS on N64.

Sciurus_vulgaris965d ago

I beat Ninja Gaiden Black on hard back in the day, hardest game I ever beat. I tried to beat the tower but didn't have the endurance, plus I threw a controller lol. Kevin Lobb and Phil Spencer hinted at a new Perfect Dark several times, but never confirmed development, but rather strong interest in the IP.

Benoski965d ago

A sequel to Beyond Good & Evil was announced 8 years ago.

Recent rumors are saying though that Nintendo's nabbed it as an NX exclusive releasing next year.

Sciurus_vulgaris965d ago

I am aware of that, but Beyond Good and Evil 2 was essentially vaporware until recently, much like the enigmatic Half-life 3.

Psychotica964d ago

I would love to play another Mechassault game like the first one was. That was a good time with friends on the original Xbox.

Sciurus_vulgaris964d ago

A Mechassault using the Crackdown 3 tech would be awesome.

NukaCola965d ago

I'd love to see Singularity 2. That game was great but never got to it's full potential. Other sequels would be Blinx 2 and Jedi Knight IV.

I'd love to see something done in the Looney Tunes universe as one of my favorite all-time beloved games was Bugs Bunny Lost in Time. Best 3D platformer of it's generation and probably equal to Mario 64 if not... do I say? Better

Benoski964d ago

You mean Blinx 3, right? Blinx 2 released WAY back in 2004.

As for Jedi Knight IV? Never going to happen, unfortunately, as Disney's made it non-canon alongside pretty much every other Star Wars video game out there.

coptop1965d ago

I would love to see some reboots/sequels of RPGs personally...breath of fire, chrono cross, legend of dragoon

jchaplin2965d ago

Breath of Fire 6 should be out later this year; there's a trailer for it. However, it seems to be a departure from the series as a whole. It'll have a single player mode and multiplayer mode.

gangsta_red965d ago (Edited 965d ago )

Gex? C'mon, there are a ton of better games to mention than Gex.

Maniac Mansion, ActRaiser, Blood Omen(!!), RE: Outbreak, Bloody Roar.

Those are some titles off the top of my head that are just begging, screaming to be remade/rebooted or a sequel for these new consoles.

jchaplin2965d ago

ActRaiser, that takes me back. There where a lot of great games on SNES! Super Metroid, Turtles in Time, Mario World, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy III to name a few.

Even some of the lesser known titles were good, Rock N' Roll Racing, Darius Twin.

gangsta_red965d ago

SNES was home to some of the very best games I played.

The ones you mentioned were superb, including but not limited to Super Contra, Super Castlevania, Earthbound, Secret of Mana!

I would love for these small indie games to have a huge 16-bit renaissance and make arcade type games like the SNES era.

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