These Are The Full Details To Destiny’s April Update

Bungie has shared full details for what fans can expect with Destiny’s April update.

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Gwiz933d ago

I'm severely handicapped with this game,i have nobody to play these raids with and i'm sure it limits my leveling as i can't seem to go passed lvl 293.
Optional removal of raids would be nice ( leveling based on online MP?) i tried it alone but it's too crazy.

Majin-vegeta933d ago

If youre on PS4 you can always join a Destiny community.

MagicBeanz933d ago

Try LFG online, there's always people looking to raid.

Aenea933d ago

I managed to get to 299 solo, took way too much grinding though and was thinking of hooking up with some groups on LFG for raids but once I realised I had to do a gazillion raids to get every item to max light I quit the game altogether...