Metal Gear Solid 2: Classic Stealth Action at Its Prime - Raiden had some big shoes to fill

When it comes to Hideo Kojima's renowned espionage series, Sons of Liberty is often rejected due to its deceptive nature. However, many fans like me regard it as one of the best titles in the franchise. Slip into your Sneaking Suit and let's infiltrate this masterpiece.

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AnubisG998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I remember back in the day when MGS2 came out. I knew nothing about it other than the demo I played of it that came with the Zone of the Enders game. Based on that I assumed that I will be playing Snake throughout the game. Than I got to play Raiden and it totally ruined the game for me. But than I realized that it was an awesome game nonetheless but still hated that I'm not playing with Snake.

Featuring_Dante998d ago

Possibly my favorite game of all time.