How VR will finally knock down the accessibility barrier

Special Effect - an award-winning gaming charity - is already working tirelessly to customise apparel, catering to the individual needs of the player. One of its early experiments with VR is looking at how HMD's with eye gaze could help players interact when using a controller and/or head movement simply isn't possible.

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lokirevamped993d ago

I would love to see a really good CSI style game. I have really high hopes for VR.

AusGamer988d ago

I think VR can make a huge difference to not only inclusion and accessibility, but I can think of other applications as well. Personally I'm a care worker, usually assisting the elderly or those with various disabilities, and in some cases, palliative care. VR certainly wont suit everyone, but I can think of a lot of people that I've met that really would have benefited from a change of scenery, which is exactly what VR can excel at.

My hope is that there are developers out there that realize this, and produce experiences that can give people the visual and mental holiday they sometimes need. Even if that experience is nothing more then a sunny beach on a tropical island.