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SteamPowered999d ago

Good lord I hope they get away from collecting lugs ad nausea. I would rather enjoy level design rather than destroy anything and everything in sight and chase around the stupid things just to hit the True Jedi requirement.

Perjoss999d ago

I dont think true jedi has ever been a requirement in these games unless you want to go full completionist. You can just play through the story, have fun and ignore the collecting if you want.

SteamPowered999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

You cant get the red bricks without that true jedi stuff in most lego games. The red bricks are usually pretty sweet.
I just got Jurassic Park a few weeks back. My first thought was "Cool!" Then immediately I was like, "Right, lets get destroying".

I am predominantly a completionist though. Its not an easy life choice.