Performance Analysis: Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo hits PS4 and Xbox One this week, bringing the series' unique blend of track creation and arcade-style racing to a generation where the genre has been largely ignored. Crisp lighting and vibrant colours create a distinctively sharp feel to the game, reminiscent of the likes of OutRun 2 and Scud Race, while the wild track design takes influence from WipEout and Hot Wheels. Developer Nadeo ties this all together with an experience targeting a slick 60fps - essential in bringing the feel of the classic arcade racers to home consoles.

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LOUxCIFER1000d ago

well guess I cant enjoy it on xb1 now it has a few frame drops ..thank god for DF for helping the fan boy wars keep going .if you did not see the video you would never know .

spicelicka1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Haha sorry man, you're gonna have to sell your XB1. There's no reason to have it now, the game is unplayable on it.

LOUxCIFER999d ago

the thing with sony they take for ever to release updates the fans want ext hard drive support for games hard is that? 2 stage verification for account .name change.I buy all digital on xb1 the usb hard dives are nice to have .do games look better on ps4 some do seems everybody I counting pixels and not playing games .

I don't like sonys ui but they can design hardware like no other .M$ can make software but the hardware design is ...ehh ok

think if they work together make one system they are both x86 setup no more fanboy wars DF would be no more

Letthewookiewin1000d ago

Looks and run's better on PS4. As usual.

badz1491000d ago

more stable fps at higher res is now "slightly"? you talk like a damn politician! what's next? 720p looks just as good as 1080p?

Locknuts998d ago

Slightly more stable FPS at slightly higher resolution is still slightly. As usual.