Gaming analyst: Oculus Rift will sell half of what other experts predict

Virtual reality dominated the Game Developers Conference last week, but it's nearly time for that hype to start translating into sales. And one analyst thinks the rest of the industry is setting its expectations too high.

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ArchangelMike697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Quote "We expect Oculus to sell 500,000 to 1 million units this year. That’s versus consensus expectations of 1 to 2 million.”

Wow, if it does sell a million units this year that would be fantastic! That would be great for VR and more importantly for VR devs and content providers.

If those are the projection for the Occulus rift imagine what the projections are for PSVR!!!

Neonridr697d ago

yeah.. I was saying to myself a million units would be a huge success I think.

Mrveryodd697d ago (Edited 697d ago )

Too many people underestimate the reach of Facebook , 10% of the people I know play any sort of game . 95% use Facebook . I think that PSVR is going to be a runaway success , but so will oculus as I believe that the user base with FB is just such a huge market . I know that most people don't have a rig to run oculus but in a couple of years as the headset becomes much cheaper and pc's are more powerful for the dollar , that PSVR and oculus will be everywhere IMO

--bienio--696d ago

Half a million is good actually, In following year's it's going to be even more popular with more sales same as Vive so is win for everyone..Me personally wait for the next Year when hopefully price for VR Vive become more cheaper..I can't afford to pay 700£ for VR even I got Pc enough powerful to run Vive. Anyway VR is still I the beginning so I can wait :)

TheLyonKing696d ago

Even though both psvr and oculus rift are both vr I don't feel they are after the same market share and can coincide with each other.
For instance if I was a big Pc player I would go for Oculus like my friend is, however I play console more over pc therefore I am going for psvr. To compare sales would e silly but I am expecting a wave of articles when they both release.

If anything Oculus Competition is just vive.