Fallout 4: how to access the Automatron DLC

This is a guide on how to access the Fallout 4 Automatron DLC.

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cfc83796d ago

This dlc cost $10. I'm wondering what the price of individual dlc could ammount to as opposed to buying a season pass ? will individual dlc be that much more expensive ?

Liqu1d796d ago

Bethesda claim the season pass contains $60 worth of content, so the season pass saves $10.

cfc83796d ago

Thanks. Probably get it individually.

DarXter796d ago

I think the smaller add-on in april is 5$ and the bigger expansion in may was 25$ (or something similar)

MeleeDamage796d ago

Has anyone already completed all of what Automatron has to offer?
I read that it's only around four-hours of content, which isn't so much a big deal for me as I had the season-pass bought for me, but for £7.99 I think that's pretty lacklustre if true especially as not everyone likes to roam with companions.

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cyclindk795d ago

Yes, companions could have used much more work. The game is good, but they didn't do anything brilliant with this one. AI needs to be much more, "controllable" and tactical and easily commandable.

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Ashlen795d ago (Edited 795d ago )

It was less than 500mb on PC so there honestly can't be that much to it.