Rockstar's PS2 Classics Bully and Manhunt Suddenly Released for PS4 on European PlayStation Store

Sony Computer Entertainment is continuing to publish PS2 games on PS4, and at times they do so without a prior announcement, like today.

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LOL_WUT518d ago

Manhunt with trophies? Oh man day one buy! I'm a big fan of the original Manhunt ;)

we420518d ago

I've already 100% Bully on the 360. Time to platinum it on PS4

Kingthrash360518d ago

Yes, they give reason to replay them....smh what are you? a gamer level:cod only?

Travis3708518d ago

It matters a lot or I would just play them on PS2 or even better a PC.

garrettbobbyferguson518d ago


Is replaying the game not reason enough? I've replayed bully several times WITHOUT any trophies or achievements. You don't need trophies to replay a good game.

Christopher518d ago

Today I learned that garrettbobbyferguson was not a real gamer. So sad. /s

I think the only true benefit here is for people who never played them or owned a PS2 can now get them on PS4.

Kingthrash360518d ago (Edited 518d ago ) I really need to explain what I was saying?
No you don't need trophies to replay a great game or any game for that matter
But inzo REPLIED "does it matter?" To a question that Majin asked. Which was "are these with trophies"
Yes there are many reasons to replay bully and manhunt but the question was about trophies.
Rookies are so quick to judge without even thinking...or reading into the topic at all.
Saying does it matter is just being a smuck to the question. Rude even. its a legit question. Gamers can't even ask questions anymore without somebody being an ass.

Inzo518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

First of all I replied "Should" it matter and not "Does". I am a gamer, which means trophies or not, I can pick up a game and play. I game from a time where the only trophy you could play for was the high score and that was enough. Dont get me wrong trophies are nice to get sometimes but if I get it, I get it and if I dont, then I dont. I play a game for the experience, not to go trophy hunting.

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FallenAngel1984519d ago

I bought Bully for PS3 on PSN. If this were cheaper I may double dip just for the Trophies

deathtok518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

Sony needs an "upgrade" program.

WeAreLegion518d ago

They do? Seriously? Like if I bought N64 games on the Wii, I can get them on the Wii U? But purchases aren't linked to accounts. How does that work?

Theparanerds518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

@WeAreLegion If you bought games on the Wii Virtual Console and they re-release it on the Wii U Eshop. Yes. You get a discount (so far on NES and SNES games from what I can see).

It only works if you transfer your Wii purchases to the Wii u.


"Already own Wii Virtual Console titles?
Transfer and play... Wii owners who have already downloaded a title can transfer them to their Wii U consoles and play them in Wii Mode at no charge.

Or update at a discount... If you'd prefer to take advantage of the improved Wii U features, simply transfer your game to the Wii U, then purchase the updated title from the Wii U eShop at a special discounted price."

Germany7519d ago

That's great news, i really want to play these games again.

Now we have all the GTA games, Manhunt and Bully on PS4 from Rockstar, let's hope they bring The Warriors, Manhunt 2 and Red Dead Revolver.

RosweeSon519d ago

Couple of weeks I would have thought going on the gap between GTA's turning up and this new batch. Hopefully a month max (Payne/wait) and should have the other rockstar classics.

Germany7518d ago

That's right, Max Payne should come too!

Morgue518d ago (Edited 518d ago )

RDR on my 360 that's sitting next to my X1. On a side note, RDR was still $29.99 on the Xbox store the last time I checked and how long has that game been out?

CoLD FiRE518d ago

@Morgue RDR is around $7.50 on Xbox right now.

Channel-Live518d ago

$7.50. Go troll somewhere else

Umbasa518d ago

Oh god The Warriors PLZ!

bloop518d ago

Great game! I remember just buying it when it came out without really knowing anything about it. It was brilliant.
Surprised to see manhunt up. Another great game. Didn't think I'd see that coming in a million years after all the controversy surrounding it. Still have my original ps2 copy.

sonicsidewinder518d ago

Didn't the Digital GTA games get their Soundtracks cut though...

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theXtReMe1519d ago (Edited 519d ago )

Bring Bully to the US store... Ive played it, but have yet to beat it. Wouldnt mind playing Manhunt either. Quick question to anyone in the know... Do these PS2 releases have any sort of visual enhancements on their trip up to the PS4?

Skate-AK519d ago

Yeah there is. Check this article out.