Bago Rant – Nintendo and the SNES Virtual Console Controversy

Josh Nichols from BagoGames writes: It’s a great time to be a portable gamer. From great remakes like Ocarina of Time 3D to hit soon-to-be classics like Pushmo to the already awesome classics from the years before, like Link’s Awakening DX, the 3DS is a great platform. You can even play beloved classics like Super Metroid or Super Mario World on your 3DS – that is, IF you own a ‘New Nintendo 3DS’. Therein lies the issue that has angered many gamers across the internet, and I can understand why. It’s a tricky issue, but it boils down to two major points; firstly, gamers simply just don’t understand how emulation works and, second, Nintendo’s quality standards are incredibly high. Normally Nintendo’s high standards result in epic masterpieces like Ocarina of Time or Super Mario 64 but not this time; this time it has resulted in angry fans. In one corner. we have a company that doesn’t always do the greatest job at communicating with its fans and, in another corner, we have a large base of gamers who don’t understand how emulation works or Nintendo’s intentions. I’m in the middle of it all and intend on setting the record straight.

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kaiserfranz1000d ago

Luckily my good ol'SNES is still working!

LastcenuryRob999d ago

Mine too! Classic gaming is always best "if" it can be played on the original system! Getting harder and harder as time goes on though. :/

TeamLeaptrade999d ago

Still have my SNES handy whenever I need it. :)

998d ago
tweet75999d ago

how is this even possible that snes games can only be played on new 3ds, there were games with far superior graphics on the DS! Nintendo has a history of small lies. One of the biggest is articifical shortages. Myself being a student of marketing am very familiar with this. The company lies about shortages of product to create demand. This has happened on and off a lot over the last 30 years with Nintendo. I hope the snes games fail on new 3ds and Nintendo learns a lesson.

998d ago
Philface998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

There are a few points that you do not consider. First the New 3DS is a system for enthusiasts as Nintendo does only have one exculsive game for that system. They don't want to push sales with the introduction of SNES games on New3DS as it is more of a service to those that bought that system.
Second from the programming stand point it seems as if the emulation of the SNES games isn't that easy especialy because of the Perfect-Pixel-Mode. BTW the PS4 has it's problemes with PS2 games, just to show you an other perspective. Artifical shortage isn't a thing only Nintendo did Sony and Microsoft did that as well with there consoles. In my eyes Nintendo has learned their lession very often up to this point and to wish any company to fail is something reprehensible especially for an marketing student.