I’m Level 30 In The Division, So Now What?

A great guideline highlighting what brand new level 30 Agents in The Division can do to get ready for challenge modes and upcoming Incursions.

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The_Infected132d ago

"I’m Level 30 In The Division, So Now What?"

Take a break and go play other games.

Christopher132d ago

I like how these articles pop up for every game built on the concept of long term item grinding.

Well, let's see, you run the hardest content you can and increase your DZ score to at least 50 if not higher to have access to better gear... That includes challenges and DZ level 32 areas. Until then, you wait for them to unlock that one mission that is currently locked until the next major update.

onyoursistersback132d ago

Wait for some DLC, it's all part of the gaming industry. You becoming a "cash cow"

thekhurg131d ago

If you wait for DLC immediately after hitting 30 then you're not playing the game correctly. There is a gear barrier between a fresh level 30 and endgame content coming in DLC (including the free ones).

Derpy132d ago

I'm agree. I was going to post, "Buy a new game." But you beat me to it, though in different wording.

thrust132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

I love the gimps who think getting to the highest lvl is the game is finished they should have never bought the game if they think that in the first place!

The game far to advanced for them!

UnHoly_One132d ago

Maybe people just like the journey to max level and getting all the skills but don't like the item grind at the end?

Then there are people that are the opposite of that and would prefer to be power leveled to max level so they can get straight to the item grind.

People just like different things.

exkalibur97131d ago

"far to advanced"

XD lol that made my day, yes a 3rd person shooter clone of diablo 3 is to advanced

frostypants132d ago (Edited 132d ago )

This is what I don't get about the online RPG mindset.

"Now what?"'re done, dude...

thekhurg131d ago

You're not "done" at level 30...

exkalibur97131d ago

grindy games like diablo, wow, eve online, destiny ect. are about the journey getting to mx level, not the actual destination.

Goldby131d ago


*journey to max power. not level

mike32UK131d ago

Or go outside and get some fresh air?

Goldby131d ago

fresh air... is that in the perks or talent section?

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SourtreeDing132d ago ImmatureShowReplies(1)
GreetingsfromCanada132d ago

Wait for the Incursions update in April

GrimDragon132d ago

Lol move on to other games obviously. Smh

wakeNbake132d ago

Go in to meat locker, freeze yourself, and thaw out when Dark Souls 3 comes out. At least thats my plan.

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The story is too old to be commented.