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ArchangelMike920d ago

Well this is what the haters were calling for, and Sony has listened and has now made the complete bundle available. What do you have to say now? The complete bundle is STILL cheaper than Occulus Rift or HTC Vive. Although I know that this bundle announcement is still going to ruffle some peoples feathers, as it seems that now the only bundle available for pre-order is the complete bundle at $499.99!? Don't get me wrong, if this bundle becomes available in the UK I'll swap my pre-order in a heart beat.

DragonDDark920d ago

Now they'll say it's a bad bundle or something..

Genuine-User920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Suspending further pre-orders for the base model is the only negative, in my opinion.

TFJWM920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Ya no base model sucks right now I did not even find a place that had preorders for it in US. Did anyone pre-order it in the US everyone I saw was from UK

darthv72920d ago

Now this is more like it. You get all the parts you need (minus the system of course) to play right out of the box.

No guess work, no cuts, no butts, no coconuts.

jwillj2k4920d ago

No, they'll say Sony has been lying to us! They're liars!! How dare they offer a base model, only to offer a bundle shortly afterwards! /s

SourtreeDing920d ago

is it me or does Sony listens more to ther Haters then actual fans lol

miyamoto920d ago

Gamingbolt and many naysayers here now have foot in their mouths.

TFJWM920d ago

@SourtreeDing Or Sony was trolling the trolls and had the bundle ready all along...

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RpgSama920d ago

I Think is important to take into account when considering the difference between the prices of the PSVR and Occulus Rift that the Occulus comes WITHOUT the hand-tracking touch controllers, touch controllers we still don't know how much are going to cost or when are they going to come out.

This is a great price for the complete PSVR combo.

darthv72920d ago

@Rpg, I do believe the Vive comes with some.

RpgSama920d ago


Yeah, the Vive DO come with touch controllers, but the Vive is $800, that's why I only mentioned the Occulus, because it was next in the price range after the PSVR and that's without taking into account that you need a moderately good PC, and those cost more than a PS4.

cleft5919d ago

I was down on Sony's VR because I didnt know the final price of it, with everything you need for the optimum experience. But $499 for all of this is one hell of a deal.

Sony you have won me back over. I am on that hype train now. I need PSVR in my life. Hopefully I can snag one of those pre-orders.

AnubisG919d ago

This sucks guys. I already have the camera and the move controllers. I don't need those. I just want PSVR. Why did they stop preorders for just that? How dumb Sony could be?

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Monkey521920d ago

I think the only issue I have is that the "core bundle" isn't going to be available for pre-order. Probably due to fear of supply constraints, but still sucks. I'll probably pre-order this bundle and sell off the extra camera and move controllers.

Death920d ago

I would expect the core to return after the holidays. Now we have a better comparison to the Rift bundle. $499 vs $599. Eve: Valkyria and Lucky's Tale are included with the Rift and PSVR comes with Playstation Worlds. When the MSRP of these games is made available we can see how much they are adding to the cost. The camera and 2 move controllers alone are worth the extra $100 the bundle costs. The Move controllers retail for $40 each and the camera retails for $60, not the bs $25 and $40 prices fans have been throwing around the last couple of days.

johndoe11211920d ago


"the camera retails for $60, not the bs $25 and $40 prices fans have been throwing around the last couple of days."

I don't know why it always seems that nothing but false, negative, anti-sony tripe spews from your keyboard. If you have to bring something to the table at least take the 6 seconds it took me to verify the crap you're spewing.

uptownsoul920d ago

@Death & @johndoe11211

Your exactly right johndoe. And the biggest price disparity was always going to come from the devices that ran each headset & not the headset themselves. And that's why PSVR has the most value for those interested in VR.

Unreal01920d ago


That's funny. I just picked up a PS4 camera for £35. Hardly a bs price right?

You're so defensive since the whole Sony VR announcement, chill out man. Take the plunge and get yourself one, we all know you're a bit jealous.

Death920d ago

@John Doe,

See the little line crossing the MSRP at Amazon? That should be your first hint that Amazon is selling it for less than retail. Here it is at Gamestop, Want to let them know the real price?

Sometimes you guys argue just to argue. What are you claiming today, that the bundle is less of a value since you can find some of the stuff cheaper? Here's the controllers MSRP at Gamestop,

When talking prices do you want to use sale and clearance prices or do you want to use MSRP?

You guys really are amazing. Even when I say the bundle give a good value you complain. What should my opinion be?

Eonjay920d ago


Sony announced that the core will also be available in October 2016. So, all bases are covered. Total cost for a newcomer on PS4 is $850. Total cost for newcomer on PC is at least $1500. Thats a stark difference. Imagine all of the game you could get with the $650 difference.

Gorilla_Killa_X920d ago

Actual retail and MSRP are 2 different things. So technically at Amazon it retails for $44 but the MSRP is scratched out, which was the $60. Just for future reference.

uptownsoul920d ago

@Death "See the little line crossing the MSRP at Amazon? That should be your first hint that Amazon is selling it for less than retail. Here it is at Gamestop, Want to let them know the real price?"

Do you know what the "S" in MSRP stands for?

TFJWM920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

@Death You do know that Rift Price does not include the motion controllers, which are rumored to cost btw 100-200 for the pair so it would still be PSVR $499 or less and Rift for $699 or more with the controllers.

So this whole we need to compare the price you keep doing is BS cause you never include the price for Rift motion controller...

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GribbleGrunger920d ago

I just want to point out that the standalone bundle is coming at a slightly later date:

Rookie_Monster920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Good find.

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Thatguy-310920d ago

So no 400$ sky for the US? That's completely BS! They better make it available since that's what they announced first. I'm not paying an extra 100$ for things I already have -_-

Aenea920d ago

The SKU available for pre-order *now* is the complete one, come October they will still sell the core PSVR set...

IamTylerDurden1920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Awesome bundle, VR Worlds looks so good.

Scavengers Odyssey is Eve Valkyrie with exploration.

The London Heist looks like a 1st person GTA/AAA FPS

Into The Deep is a gorgeous, harrowing underwater sharkfest

Street Luge looks exhilarating and fun

Then there is Murder Ball.

VR Worlds will retail for $40-$60 by itself. We also get 6 free games from Japan Studios with PSVR. This bundle, and Rigs and you're all set at launch.

ArchangelMike920d ago

I so hope they bring this bundle to the UK. I'd be all over it.

OB1Biker920d ago

'this is what the haters were calling for'
Everyone knew this bundle would be coming. We all know what the 'haters' were calling for.

Sanquine90920d ago

This! I see people b*tching about this bundle but i don't get it. 2 Move controlllers , a camera and playstation worlds? Perfect bundle if you ask me. I want this because i can show the misses right out of the box why i pay 500 Euro for some glasses ( as she called it)

I will make her a belieber:P

Artemidorus920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Only a complete and utter tool would describe someone who does not have a camera and demanded a bundle a 'hater'

People wanted the full package to use VR instantly. It's thanks to the moaners or the whingers you get anything done.

Antnee534920d ago

Well its the only for now they do say there will be another chance to pre order psvr in the summer so I assume what might happen is what happened with the vita launch
If you get this first bundle pre ordered maybe you get it a week earlier than if you wait and get the core deal only (just speculating)

deafdani920d ago



Bathyj920d ago

Doesnt even include gas money to get to the shop. What a gyp.

Tobsesan920d ago

The complete bundle? Still no Headphones. They demo the HMD to people with high quality Headphones and after you bought it, all you get are some plugs?

Its cheaper and this is good. PS VR isnt as good as Oculus and still has no headphones = cheaper.

Sparta07920d ago

Seriously!? @ tob.
Use your own headphone, I'm sure everybody has nice quality headphones. You want sony to add $100 headphones too?
BTW you also have to use your own electricity, it doesn't come free in the box. Lol
guess no matter what sony does some people will still complain.

Tobsesan920d ago

Ye some may have tires, but you still get them with a new car.
Why does every other HMD give you good Headphones but sony wont? Ye its because they can say "look we so cheap now".

Bathyj920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Youre the only one who looks so cheap.

How about they throw in a nice Lazyboy recliner and jack up the price, just so you can feel better they cost more than their competitors? Seriously, Headphones? Jesus christ. You can spend as much on them as the headset itself is worth.

Muzikguy920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Oh don't worry they'll find something else to complain about. "That much they might as well throw in a the PS4 too. Bundles are supposed to be cheaper for the consumer. I'm so selfish and entitled....." /s

I'm thinking of selling my camera and grabbing this bundle

DEEBO920d ago

Well i just drop a 100$ on my bundle.

Have connections at gamestop.they are going to move my reserve money to the headset on Tuesday morning.

Imax gaming with three zooms.

I do hate that i have to buy everything over again.
Cam,move controllers etc.

RpgSama920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

I think that's still a great price to buy everything you need for VR.

babadivad919d ago

I wonder how many people in the real world are gonna buy this, not just the shills on this site. I have no problem waiting to see if this is a success or at least trying it first before dropping tgat kind of money. Seems like everyone in this forum has tried it and loves it from the tone here.

81BX919d ago

Jesus christ ladies... stop your crying.... lets act like this site has sooooo many psvr haters. Just get the cool stuff and stop acting like some one is holding it back. Snarf Snarf!

assassin2k919d ago

They'll say - where the heck is the EU bundle? I'm UK based and hoping out for that. Not hating - hoping.

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Kribwalker920d ago

$549 and $699 in Canada for the regular and complete bundle :O

I think I threw up in my mouth a little. I won't be jumping in until the price is that's crazy

travieso06920d ago

499.00 plus 300 for the console ( if u dont have one ) expensive

Tsunade920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Oculus $600 and $1,000 powerful capable PC if you don't have one. (Extremely expensive)

PSVR still looking better in every angle.

Sanquine90920d ago

Yeah, it's really expensive for new technology... xD The first flatscreens were expensive... My parents bought one of the first flatscreens for 2000 euro. That was a lot of money and that is the price you pay for being an early adapter.

Unspoken920d ago

Or build a desktop for $600 and Oculus for $600 and you have a fully functional computer that you can do more on then just game. So I guess not every angle.

ritchi45920d ago

Still massively cheaper than a Rift or Vive with compatible pc hardware

Neonridr920d ago

I would like to believe that the people who are ordering the Vive or Rift already have the hardware required. VR isn't for the masses at this point, early adopters have what is needed.

$699 for the PSVR vs $800 for the Rift in Canada isn't massively cheaper.

G20WLY920d ago

^Neon, and do you not think the people preordering the PSVR might have a PS4?

Your logic in comparing those prices is flawed beyond repair. You can't add in the console price unless you also add in the PC price.

Conversely, you could add in neither and just look at the HMD bundle prices.

But that doesn't serve the 'argument' of the common hater, I suppose.

Neonridr920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

@G20WLY - I never once said anything about needing a PS4. But I am tired of people saying you need a $1500 PC to play it. You need a TV to play a PS4 don't you? Shouldn't we assume that you have one of those too?

I am simply saying that we should just be comparing the accessories alone, not including the hardware since it's fair to say that PSVR users have a PS4 and Rift/Vive users have a capable PC.

my prices listed above are comparing the headsets against each other, nothing more. I live in Canada, hence I showed Canadian pricing. I even mentioned that G20WLY before you decided to not read my comment properly and assume I was doing some sort of price slanting to one side.

starchild920d ago

The Rift and Vive in the beginning are being targeted at PC gamers. Needless to say, we already own gaming PCs.

I'm looking at $600 to get VR on my PC and about $450 to get VR on my PS4. That's not a massive difference in price, especially considering the Rift comes with two games and a controller, as well as better specs.

In any case, it's funny how so many of you are trying to downplay the Rift and Vive based on the difference in price. Yet the same thing is true of PC gaming in general. A decent gaming PC is more expensive than a PS4, but why aren't people trying to spin that into some kind of huge win for the PS4 and proclaiming doom for PC gaming? Because that would be stupid, PC gaming is thriving.

Likewise, the Rift and Vive can also be successful devices despite the somewhat higher price. After all, price isn't everything. People often pay more to get a higher quality experience.

G20WLY920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

^Neon, I did read your comment, but your past PSVR comments combined with your figures resulted in an unclear message.

As far as I heard, Oculus RRP + shipping in CAD is not $800, but $914, as reported here:

PlayStation's HMD is 550CAD, as you know, plus shipping. That's a pretty big difference, even without factoring in hardware. Of course, if you decide to go for a dearer PSVR bundle that packages controllers and whatnot, you will pay more.

You don't need Move controllers to use it; heck, you don't need the camera for some features to work, so it really boils down to how much you want to pay and what you want to use it for - consumer choice.

starchild920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

I agree you don't need the Move controllers for VR in general, since VR utilizing a standard gamepad works well. But there may be particular games that require them.

On the other hand, you absolutely do need the camera for VR. Given that the name of Sony's VR solution is PSVR the camera is an essential part of it. Without the camera it shouldn't even be called PSVR, since there wouldn't be any VR involved, just a plain head-mounted display.

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Genuine-User920d ago

An extra $100 gets you:

•PlayStation Camera
•2 PlayStation Move motion controllers
•PlayStation VR Worlds (disc)

And you're throwing up in your mouth?

Were you expecting to get all of that for $50? lol


Wtf the site just fully changed :/
I think everyone expects it to all be free...

MasterCornholio920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

The camera is 50$ and each controller is around 30$ plus the game which is around 40-50$ by itself. Doesn't seem like a bad bundle to me and its a great way to get people started.

Anyways it's still cheaper than the competition.

I guess that article about Sony falsely advertising the product is misleading now and should be eliminated.

starchild920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Why didn't they announce a bundle that included the camera right off the bat? That would be a more realistic comparison to the Rift.

Instead they announce the $399 price tag that doesn't apply for most PS4 owners and people start comparing it to the Oculus Rift which does include the camera. Mission accomplished.

Even after this bundle is announced people will go on claiming PSVR only costs $399 and how it's "hundreds less" than the Oculus Rift.

This bundle is a great value, though. It represents solid savings. Nothing wrong with the bundle or its value, they just shouldn't have only announced the price of the headset without the camera. It was all about perception and it wasn't entirely honest.

Kribwalker920d ago

In Canada it's the equivalent of $540 US to buy it with today's exchange rate. That's ridiculous. $699 Canadian for it is pretty steep. Especially for something I was only on the fence about getting in the first place. That's my problem with it.

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bleedsoe9mm920d ago

ya i'm waiting along time before the get to my price point of 300$ or under , i want to see people playing long session more than 1 hr without effects first , plus i'll have a better choice of games when they finally get to my price

G20WLY920d ago

If it's too expensive for you, or for the value you will get from it, the sensible thing to do is wait. But nobody can argue the value of PSVR - it's insanely good - even more so when looking at alternative VR options.

It is kinda cute to see the fanboys uniting against something though. See, PSVR is even capable of bringing people together - it's the gift that just keeps giving! ;^D

SniperControl920d ago

I've literally spent hours inside VR playing Elite Dangerous, without any side effects. Those new to VR will probably get motion sickness but your body will adapt very quickly.

When i first got my DK2 over a year and a half ago, i would be green to the stomach after the coaster demos, but now i feel nothing.

bleedsoe9mm920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

@G20WLY i'm not against you doing it , have fun if you think its worth the money for you , but its not for me not yet , i will sink my money in xb1 and ps4 games plus the NX is coming , too much money for me to spend on traditional gaming right now . VR has too many questions for me to sink 700$ (with games)

iTechHeads920d ago

That's fine. It's not supposed to be cheap but it won't break your bank either.
If you want to experience VR in the cheapest way possible, this is it.

Kribwalker920d ago

This is what worries me tho too. You spend $700 Canadian for the VR bundle, and you don't get the same use out of it as you would a $300 console because you physically can't get the same use out of it