What’s Wrong With Online Only Games

Jerry Dobracki from BagoGames writes: I have never really gotten into an MMO or online only game before. Destiny popped my cherry with that sort of game. I had really enjoyed my time with Left 4 Dead and assumed that a nice campaign would accompany the game along with lots of things to do alone. Man was I wrong. Yeah there was a short six hour campaign I could enjoy on my own, but to really delve deep into the game I had to have a chunk of friends. At least in Left 4 Dead I had some pretty smart AI help to accompany me during my campaigns, and I did well. Was it fun when my buddies joined and we kicked collective ass? Of course, but I could play the game sans friends.

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MrsNesbitt737d ago

"Destiny popped my cherry" Fantastic use of phrase. Hilarious!

Relientk77737d ago

If your internet goes down, or PSN/XBL then you can't play them and that sucks

Clogmaster737d ago

I find it annoying when I just want to suspend a game in Rest Mode, because I don't have large intervals to play. And then when I resume, it kicks me to the main menu, has to load, often update, yada yada yada, and I can lose 3~10 minutes of play time out of my 20~30 minute window.

fenome737d ago

Plus if they decide to shut the servers down you have lose the game forever.. not cool.

LamerTamer736d ago

It is not if, it is when.

fenome736d ago

That's the sad truth too. Nostalgia is gonna die with in an always online world..

UgoGalimbertti737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

I'll talk about an old game, but The Crew before the Wild Run expansion should have had an offline section. God, i hated losing progress in a mission by disconnection. Mission that i was playing alone, btw. This to not mention the exploration potential that the game has that cannot be played solo.
Haven't played the division yet, but must be the same. I liked a lot the crew, just those little things that get on the way.

Hoffmann737d ago

I tend to boycott any only online games. Didnt regret it so far.

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Eldyraen737d ago

It depends on the game.

I've loved a ton of online only games over the years but most have been mmos. A few online only games though are online only when they didn't need to be necessarily which is the problem. Not too many but a few show up now and again.

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The story is too old to be commented.